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As written in my introduction (The Journey Begins), massage is something that I really enjoy receiving for the longest time but from early 2019, I became a freelance massage therapist and started offering treatment massage to provide relief tailored to an individual’s well being. Currently under my belt, I have rendered a total of 665 service hours (inclusive of 264 class / practical hours).

At this stage, I am still full time in the performing arts industry based in Kuala Lumpur (managing, producing, directing and occasionally, performing).

Among the massage modalities that I have learnt include Thai / Swedish massage, advance sports injury massage, advance senior citizen massage with Wellness Arts Massage School and urut batin (manhood therapy) technique with Sifu Mohd Raussein.

I have also completed the complementary technique of therapeutic massage for people living with life limiting conditions e.g. people living with cancer etc with Mdm Chandrika Puventhran. I am a Certified Instructor and a member of International Association of Infant Massage.

I do practice and offer the doTERRA AromaTouch Technique; combine it with a massage session, this definitely can be one of the best aromatherapy massage that one can try.

Initially, I was thinking to be an Osteopath. However, unfortunately, things didn’t go as planned at the end of Year 1. Nevertheless, my thanks to my lecturer back then (Mr Jules Rampal, Mr Van-Nam Chauveau, Mr Pierre Rubert, Ms Julie Colleu, Mr Arnaud Le Coz, Mr Pascal Moniot, Ms Dominique Boudet and Mr Jonathan Benaud for their valuable lesson imparted on me).

Right after that, I didn’t want the knowledge that I gained from osteopathy to go to waste. Hence, to also continue training my hand, I then took up massage therapy.

In my treatment, I do combined what I learn in osteopathy (although limited) namely muscle energy technique, myofascial release technique and mobilisation technique with what I have learnt from the massage courses.

Beside catering to masses, I am currently providing massage services to the senior citizen, physically challenged individual, transgenders and individuals who are suffering from disorder or life limiting condition. Basically, to serve community who may be shy or unable to go out to get a massage (but yet, needed one). I have assisted patient who suffered from stroke, spasticity paralysis, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia and Parkinson.

Do hit me up when you go for your next staycation, organising your private birthday bash, private afternoon tea with friends or any other occasions which look for a massage therapist. To learn massage for leisure or self improvement, I do offer workshop too.

To get in touch with me, please feel free to write to ianchow.massagetherapist@gmail.com. You may whatsapp me at 012-698 1426.

Last but not least, do follow me on this blog for regular updates or click “Like” on my FB page. Thank you for your support!

P.S: I am Covid-19 vaccinated.

Some of the massage services that I offer:

a). Therapeutic / Treatment Massage (Outcall / Incall)

b). One to One Leisure Massage Workshop

c). Private Couple Massage Workshop

d). 4-Hands Massage (incall)

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Ian Chow 周 奕 延

Your personal massage therapist who enjoy frequent massages and staycations

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