Sanjeet [Review]

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Outlet: Outcall

Service tried: 1 hour full body treatment massage

Last visit: December 2020

Cleanliness 4 / 5
Customer service 4.5 / 5
Skill 4.5 / 5
Facility N/A
Ambience N/A


I know Sanjeet from the massage school that I attended. We were also classmate for the advance sports injury massage and he was the team leader in various corporate massage gigs. Despite knowing him for a year plus, this will be my first time experiencing full body treatment by him. Prior to this, we do practice on each other during class but it was never a full package per se. With what I have experienced in class, I do have a slightly higher expectation with his skill before the session.

For this time round, I have asked Sanjeet to come to the hotel that I am staying at for the weekend. Booking him via WhatsApp is pretty hassle free with good respond time. On the week of the appointment, he also followed up with me again and on the day, he recapped on details of the appointment.


Before the session start, he had simple chat asking about the conditions of my body as well as telling a little bit about the oil that he will be using today (he used doTerra blend of lavender, rosemary and cardamom, meant more for muscle work). We did the entire session on the pilates mat that I brought. On prone, he started accessing my body which work as a form of muscle warming up as well; with slow and steady compression and acupressure technique mainly.

And in fact, as a receiver, I think “slow and steady” is the gist of how I would describe Sanjeet’s approach and technique. It makes one feel very relax while he is working on the body. As a treatment massage therapist, he certainly can feel knots and dysfunction in the body and will try to address it as much as possible at the session.

After the initial assessment, he started working on the lower limb, from the calf to the thigh with a lot of probing and treating technique then back to the sole of the foot with gentle and soothing foot massage. A very nice touch I feel in finishing the lower limb.


He then continued with working on the glutes and the back. As I complained to him on my lower back, he focused a lot on these two portion especially the erector spinae muscle. And throughout, he also very courteously asked me about the pressure. And talking about pressure, he used a lot of middle pressure which is just nice for me. Certain part of the body, he did use elbow to work deeper but it was never overpowering.

Turning to supine, he continued from down to up again starting with the lower limb once again with more effleurage and petrissage this time round. He then did a gentle stomach massage. It was very warm and comforting. Throughout, even though I told him not to fuss too much about the drape (since I am comfortable with him and do trust him) but he still respectfully handle the draping very well.

After the stomach, he continued with the hand which is another nice and soothing portion. And like I said, him handling the session (despite still a treatment massage) very slow and steady does add to the advantage. It did not felt rushed in any way and just eases your entire body and mind into the session which I feel help in any treatment.


I was then seated up. As he did not tackle too much on my shoulder and neck while I am on prone, he then concentrate and spent good amount of time in these two areas before finishing with a simple head massage. And I am glad he helped with releasing my “stress block” on the neck area which not many therapist do it well.

By the time it finishes, the time could easily be already 80 mins even though I just booked him for 60 mins. I know this is certainly not the norm and it could be done as a favour to me as I know him, but I do appreciate this extra attention.


– Only by appointment and he does both incall (at Taman Desa) and outcall (with extra transportation fee incur)
– You can use your own oil but he uses premium essential oil brand as well. And he is comfortable with you dressing down to the level of your comfort.
– Come equipped with his own towel and music. Can even bring his own massage table but I opted not to since it is at a hotel and wouldn’t want to attract too much attention.

– Friendly and approachable.
– Attentive therapist who can help you with your body dysfunction. Hence, feel free to chat with him on your conditions.

– N/A


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