Massage Station [Review]

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Outlet: USJ Taipan Subang Jaya, Brickfield Kuala Lumpur

Service tried: Full body massage, foot reflexology, urut batin

Last visit: March 2022

“Full body massage/Traditional massage/sport massage(for injuries)/foot reflexology/ Special Treatment For Man”

Cleanliness 4 / 5
Customer service 4 / 5
Skill 4 / 5
Facility 3 / 5
Ambience 3.5 / 5


This is the first massage outlet that I go to that is managed by blind or partially blind therapist. The ambience reminds me more of a house rather than a massage place. One striking but welcoming interior design is the mural and painting done by this local art group ArtAttack – The White Crane Project, who has been “beautifying” massage spas run by the blind all over the place, from Brickfields to Sri Petaling. Their massage rooms are named after locations around Malaysia and I find that quite unique. The lighting in each room is just right for the ambience and they used fake grass as the flooring. But the bed does not have the hole for the head when your back is facing up, so you just rest your shoulder and head on a pillow which i find that my neck start to feel sore after a while.

The therapist here are mainly trained by the sifu from Malaysian Association of the Blind and the profit sharing percentage here is certainly much higher than other massage chains or outlets that I frequented. I suppose that is good so that the community can really earn an honest and substantial living by being in this industry. And what I respect the most is they don’t actually live nearby and they have to commute via bus, train or sometimes taxi (grabcar) to work. They are also very chatty and friendly if you are in the mood for a conversation. And them being local, communication is definitely easier in terms of language and relatability.


It is always good to make an appointment with them prior because they may not have that many therapist on duty. Whoever who answer to your phone enquiry or reservation will be the one who will be attending to you unless you specifically ask for a particular therapist. There was one appointment that I went right just when they open their door for business and the therapist was alone in the shop. Hence, while waiting for his other colleague to arrive and at the same time has started the session with me, he had to answer call and look after walk-in which I feel it is quite disruptive (for that particular experience).

In terms of the technique, it is combination of various styles in one and it also has slight variation between the therapists, possibly due to the years of experience and other techniques that they have learnt over the years. But mind you, it is not hit and miss though. Regardless of who you get, you can be sure that it is still a quality massage. For foot reflexology wise, they may not be the best compared to others. And for some strange reason, they wear plastic glove to massage your feet. The rustling sound of the plastic can be quite disruptive too.


They do offer proper urut batin (manhood massage) for guys, which is not widely available at commercial massage outlet. It is not a relaxing massage but neither it is painful as some may say. It apparently helps to “buang angin” and improve blood circulation which ultimately improve on your sexual performance. The massage is not only on the penis itself but also areas surrounding it or that have nerves connected to it i.e. abdomen, thigh, side of your foot, perineum, tailbone area etc. Does it help? Unsure cos I didn’t go for subsequent treatment or maybe, mine is already good enough. Lol.

Update: Went to the Taipan branch recently (June 2019) and looks like they went through some renovation. The unit seems bigger but also the interior deco and nice mural are all gone 😦 hmm…hopefully it is only temporary and it will be restored soon.

Update 2 (March 2022): Since then, their Taipan branch has closed down and they have also relocated their Brickfield branch to Jalan Tun Sambathan 3. Went for a one hour massage and the therapist concentrated a lot on my lower back as I am having a muscle pull at that area. Suffice to say, he did a good job.


-Male therapist will only attend to male client and female therapist to female client.
-Just be mindful that they are visually impaired and there may be certain quirks that are not your typical massage experience i.e. therapist need to occasionally check time with talking watch, them accidentally touching your nether region while searching for the massage oil or adjusting the towel, them massaging you in complete darkness unknowingly etc.
-You are allow to go completely naked. And I do use my own oil.
-It is room based rather than partition or separated by curtain. But then again, one aircond is shared by two rooms hence you can still hear pretty clearly next door conversation due to the hole which houses the aircond.

-Good massage with very good price
-You get to untie tight knot in your body and at the same time, help the local blind community
-Proper urut batin that can be hard to find in commercial massage outlet

-I do feel weird that the therapist wear plastic glove to do foot reflex. Hygiene? But really?
-Technique consistency may varies from therapist to therapist.


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