Aging & Me: Benefits of Massage

By Ian Chow, Cerftified Massage Therapist / Infant Massage Instructor / Oncology Massage Trainer

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This is the final of my three parts article in terms of aging. If you miss out on the first two, no fret, click here for Part 1 and Part 2. This is my compilation on the benefit of massage particularly for senior citizen:

No.1 Improve range of motion and restore certain percentage of mobility hence improving the quality of life. This is particularly good to assist in stroke recovery.

No.2 Provide care and comfort through touch. It acts as a form of emotional support.

No.3 On a similar note, it also generates the connection and warmth especially to touch-deprived seniors who may have lost their spouse or partner. Hence improving on the mental health of a senior.


No.4 Give deep sense of relaxation and improves on sleep quality and length.

No.5 Eases joint and muscle pain / stiffness; good in relieving arthritic pain.

No.6 Improve on the balance, postural stability and gait. This helps in preventing a senior from falling easily by giving them a better sense of proprioception.

No.7 Research has shown that it reduce agitation for senior with Alzheimer (


No.8 Improve (not increase) circulation of blood and lymph flow of a senior hence can enhance recovery from injury as well as boost energy level.

No.9 Stimulate the nervous system, reduces stress level and tension via the releasing of good hormones. Once again, promote a good physical and mental well being.

No.10 Well, it gives them something positive to look forward to.

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