Joe Therapeutic Massage [Review]

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Outlet: Kajang, Selangor

Service tried: 60 mins full body massage, 80 mins signature massage

Last visit: February 2023

KL / Kajang Certified Fusion Sports Massage Therapist.

Incorporates deep tissue massage for body fatigue relaxation with a focus on pressure points to relieve shoulder, back & leg trigger points.

My massage style is therapeutic and tailored to your condition.


Cleanliness 4.5 / 5
Customer service 4.5 / 5
Skill 4.5 / 5
Facility 4 / 5
Ambience 3 / 5

It is by chance that I came across Joe. One of my massage customer actually gave me a referral at and for the next one week, there were a surge of inquiries that came in. And as I am new to, I was also browsing around that site and that was how i stumbled upon Joe who happened to be a therapist and living quite near me. We gotten in touch. His response was prompt, clear and proper. Then i booked my first appointment (and a subsequent one the following week).

When I arrived, he greeted me at the door with a mask on (guess that is a new norm). It is a landed property. His living room has a cosy setting (good first impression) and the treatment room is at 1st floor. It is a simple small treatment room but certainly does the job. As the room is not equipped with aircond, the room door and toilet door have to be opened to ensure airflow. Even without aircond, for me, it is not hot and most of the session I am on prone so it doesn’t really matter for me. Even on supine, he does use a face towel to cover my eyes. The room also has a clothes hangar and a small rack for you to put your belonging. If you feel like it, you can take a shower before or after the session. Towel and shower gel is provided on the house. The soothing spa music is played just at the right volume.


On prone, he started firstly with compression and pinching technique from top down to warm up my muscle. Then, he started with my back and shoulder. Oh! If you have dysfunction at any part of your body, you can also let him know and he will concentrate on those area. For me, for both the sessions that I attended, I asked for shoulder and lower back. For the first session, just for the experience, I also tried the muscle gun (a free optional service). It feels alright to kinda loosen up my muscle a bit but guess nothing beats a personal touch with the right amount of strength to work on your body.

After the initial warm up, he then started the treatment. He uses a lot of thumb stroke to work more meticulously on specific muscles or to get to the muscle knot then his forearm for broader stroke. There is also a good amount of stretches that he does with my hand in different positions so it activates different part of my back and shoulder muscles. From the shoulder and back, he moved to the buttock and leg using similar strokes and techniques. After that, there is also a couple more stretches that he does but more so for the lower back. And I particularly do enjoy one of his final stretch which I know only therapist with good enough experience will dare to tackle it. And so far, I have experienced it here as well as Laksamana Spa.


In supine mode, he started on my neck and he does touch your cheek / jaw area to work on the connecting muscles. At this pandemic era, if you are not comfortable of anyone touching any part of your face, be sure to communicate it upfront to your therapist. Then, he moved on to work on the chest area, the leg (anterior portion) before doing the final manhood therapy. And throughout, he does communicate with me asking how or what is my sensation is in order for him to tackle my body more effectively. Also, instead of oil, he uses lotion on the front body so it does not get too oily as that sensation can be yucky to some.

For manhood, he works on the surrounding muscle including adductors, perineum, abdominal muscles with the attachment to pubic bone plus two reflex points on the foot that correspond to prostate and testicle. Like other manhood that I have been to, all these will be done before the final treatment on the manhood itself. As usual, my adductors are sore and once he reaches the femoral ring area, that is another torture for me (not cos of his technique but rather my dysfunction and with proper manhood therapy, hopefully it will help me to maintain my sexual health).


Upon completion of treatment, you have the option to shower (again) if you want. He does offer water but unlike those high end spa, you don’t expect ginger tea serve in this antique looking pot here.

After the session, I do feel great and certainly will go again for regular treatment.

Update (February 2022): One year since I last went, Joe has simplified the modality that he practices but to his advantage. I feel it works very well to suit his strength and craft.

Update (February 2021): Was having pain on the right adductor muscles for 2 days and with one session, Joe manage to ease the pain a lot and restore the range of motion. Felt much better after that.


– You can bring your own oil but therapist has good oil as well (choice of lavender, lemongrass, nutmeg, ginger). You can be fully naked and be as comfortable as you are. Therapist also has skill to do treatment if you want to be fully clothed. Your choice.
– Feel free to take a shower before and/or after the session. You can really get comfortable first before the session begins. And he doesn’t rush you too.
– If you are not a fan of stretches based massage, must inform therapist as his technique can be changed accordingly.

– Very friendly, chatty and knowledgeable therapist.
– Can also throw in massage gun therapy, manhood therapy, scraping (gua sa) and cupping (bekam) with no additional cost. But do inform him upon booking.
– Affordable with good result

– For some, it may be a bit far and located deep in part of Kajang.
– Lighting ambiance may be a bit too bright especially in the afternoon (but late evening / night are just right)
– There is no aircond so the door for the toilet and room will need to be wide opened to ensure air flow. Can be awkward to some.


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