Vita Spa [Review]

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Outlet: Solaris Dutamas

Service tried: Signature body massage

Last visited: October 2018

We have combined the best and most effective Asian and Western massage techniques to create our own signature body treatment. We also offer facial, body scrub, body wrap, waxing, manicure and pedicure. .”


Cleanliness 4.5 / 5
Customer service 5 / 5
Skill 4.5 / 5
Facility 4.5 / 5
Ambience 4.5 / 5

Update (Oct 2020): The brand currently also offer mobile spa services, Pure Mobile Spa with their Signature warm oil massage, pre-natal massage, facial, floral body body polish and mask.

Visited this outlet on a special occassion, introduced by my wife. Little did I realize, this brand has actually been around for the past 10 years.  They also operate in a few hotels.

One thing that definitely stood out besides many other things was the customer service, from the receptionist to the therapist, it was marvelous. The trouble the receptionist took to explain the technique and massage package then with the therapist constant “thank you”, “please” and checking on your comfortability during the treatment was great extra miles that they took. Plus, the proceeding of the massage treatment was certainly unique.

This particular outlet is located in quite a busy area hence parking wise, you hardly can find any lots at the roadside. But fear not, the nearby office complex (about 300 metres away) has plenty of parkings. At the ground level entrance (they are at level 1), the ambiance are already set and will pretty immediately eases you into the mood to be pampered (the Balinese music, the lighting and the scent). Once at level 1, you will not miss the reception area with a table made of a huge thick glass resting on a majestic wood carving. On the left is the waiting area with multiple sofas and the right are the treatment rooms (single and couple rooms are available).


After the introduction, i chose my package and oil, filled up a simple form, enjoyed my cup of ginger tea and then finally brought to the treatment room. There was a boxer provided for the guy and disposable underwear for the lady. And after I changed, I would need to ring the bell to indicate that I am ready. The therapist will then come in and start with feet washing.  The room is relatively spacious and the whole interior design is wood based (earthy colour coordinated).

Coming back to the feet washing, I felt the massage itself started from there onwards  with the proper salt scrub followed by simple presses then finished with a foot spray (a rare touch). When I am on the bed (face down), the therapist then use the singing bowl, created the soothing humming sound and walked around me. Unsure of the actual purpose but it surely felt very calming and peaceful. Right after, all of a sudden, I smelt very strongly of the oil that I chose; when I opened my eyes, the therapist was subtlety letting me smell the oil via her hand (underneath the head rest).

On the website, the signature massage is described as “Indulge in our signature treatment created to deliver harmonious balance to your body, mind and soul. This treatment gives time for your body to de-stress and relax using the best combination of indian, lomi lomi and Asian reflexology techniques. You will be pampered from top to toe.” I am unsure how an Indian massage technique is but it certainly feels that various techniques were employed throughout the session (thumb and palm gentle presses, short stroke and pushes, swirl motion pushes to name a few).


While lying on prone position, the therapists also put a pillow underneath my ankle to prevent it from feeling sore which is a nice touch. Structurally, it started from the leg then moved up to the back before turning to the front where the therapist once again worked on the leg then hand and finally head. There was also a soothing eye mask provided.

I did wish that they would provide hot towel to wipe the oil away cos I never enjoy that “oily” feeling after a massage session.

Once the entire session finished, I was serve second round of ginger tea while the friendly receptionist chat with us.


-Definitely need to wear some form of underwear in establishment like this. I do wish I had an option of not wearing one so I can enjoy freely.

-Extraordinary service and treatment. 

-the bed that is slightly too hard for my liking. The face rest perhaps was a bit too small and my Adam’s apple position was against it too. 
– the oily feeling on my body after the massage


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