Master Ee Reflexology [Review]

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Length: 3 mins read (606 words)

Outlet: Tropics, Damansara Perdana

Service tried: 90 mins full body massage

Last visit: June 2022

Come experience the best massage in town; we offer foot, shoulder & back, as well as full body therapy.


Cleanliness 4.5 / 5
Customer service 4 / 5
Skill 2.5 / 5 (but this could go as high as 4 / 5 dependant on the therapist that you get)
Facility 3 / 5
Ambience 3 / 5

– Located inside Tropics, Damansara Perdana, you can find this outlet on Ground Level (just continue walking in once you pass Jaya Grocer).

– The entire place looks clean and tidy with warm lighting ambiance. It is a small lot with 6 treatment chairs for reflexology and 2 full body massage rooms partitioned by curtain. At the end of the lot is the counter.

– As you walked in, you can hear the serene spa music playing from the tv. But as it is a small unit, any chit chat inside the centre will be audible to everybody.

In general, I do feel the flow is not as smooth as it can be and there are moments that I can sensed hesitation by the therapist.

Prone: With a warm cloth, he wipe down my body. Then, he started working on my upper back and moved to lower back.

After that, he worked on my hand which I really feel with the technique he uses, this is best to be done on a supine position. My hand position is quite awkward and certain part is painful too. Hence I tensed up and then he will tap on my hand. After tapping for more than 6 occasions, this can feel very irritating. As a therapist, one must be able to read repeated signal given by the receiver and in this case, should find out what is the cause instead of just continuously to tap on my hand to signal for me to relax.

The prone segment finished on my leg.

And throughout this entire prone segment, each of my hand / shoulder (scapula) was retracted for 5 times with similar technique done. I don’t understand why this is necessary.

Supine: This is relatively a short session working mostly on my leg coupled with some stretches. I can’t help but to feel as though I am a cloth being folded around during the stretches but not in a nice way. At the end of each stretch, my limbs were not gently put back to its original position but just let go at the last point of the stretch. It felt rather harsh.

Seated: Ended with more haphazard stretches which by now, the session does feel very horrible to me.


– Generally, the therapist used a lot of thumb stroke, circular motion, acupressure, palm compression and stretches.

– There are a couple of things done by the therapist which also shows the lack of skill and anatomy knowledge of the therapist:
i). Massaging with pressure on the spinous process of the spine and the floating ribs
ii). Doing thumb stroke over a layer of cloth. And rubbing hard onto my skin with the cloth too. The friction between the cloth and my skin is really painful.
iii). Pressing hard on the popliteal fossa (space behind the knee).


Additional note
– Maybe I went there a bit too early (around 11.20am) but they don’t look as though they are ready to accept customer.
– The pot of fresh flowers underneath the massage table is a nice touch
– They have 3 male therapists there and I am unsure whether everyone mirror each other technique. This review is just based on one therapist.

Update (June 2022): I got a different therapist this time round, Hisham and did enjoy my experience for this second visit. I do realize the two therapists do have similar techniques but Hisham which I believe is the more senior therapist knows exactly on how to deliver a good massage with better strokes and smoother flow, knowing all the do’s and don’ts of a massage. Hisham is also more in tune with his hand (on what he feels) and a lot of his methods follow the muscle fibers trying to release the muscle knots. Certain portion could be painful but certainly effective.

– Affordable rates.

– Lacking the arts and finesse which effect the phase and rhythm of the massage.
– Lack of knowledge on some of the dos and don’t of massage and the technique.


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