Manhood As We Grow Older

By Ian Chow, Certified Massage Therapist / Infant Massage Instructor / Oncology Massage Trainer

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As we grow older, changes happen too to our manhood, just like our other organs / systems. Depending on how you look after your body, the first sign of aging can come as early as late 30s / early 40s. This will become even more apparent heading into your 50s, 60s and so forth.

But regardless of the changes to your reproductive system, this should not deter you from still continuing in having a good and healthy sex life. Among the changes (on manhood) that a man may experience as you age:


a). Smaller penis and testicles
The dropped in blood circulation and testosterone level will make your penis and testicles smaller. Your scrotum (or more straight forward, your balls) will also sag and hang lower due to the loss of skin elasticity and muscle deterioration.

At times, it is not that the size has shrunk, but if you have gained weigh, your penis may also appear shorter as the folds of belly fat will hide the penis. Apparently, every 30 pound (14kg) that you put on, half an inch (1.2cm) of your penis will be hidden. Hmm…..

b). Less sensitive
The nerve in your penis will get less sensitive and this will make it harder for you to be aroused, stimulated and even to achieve climax.

c). Erectile dysfunction (ED)
Muscle deterioration as well as hardening of artery as we aged do have irreparable consequences to a lot of our body parts including manhood. And plus with the lower testosterone hormone, all these can lead to the possibility of us suffering from erectile dysfunction where you are unable to maintain the erection or have a firm enough erection for sex.

ED affects as many as 30 million men (I would think this figure is more than what has been reported cos there could be many unrecorded cases who are embarrass to report or don’t even realized that they are suffering from it)

d). Curving
If you have injured your penis when you were younger due to accident, sports or even rough sex, scars tissue will formed and when you reach your 60s, there could be more than enough scar tissue to make your penis curve when you have an erection (you can read more about this condition known as Peyronie’s disease). This could lead to an uncomfortable or unbearable sensation whenever you have an erection and you may need medical intervention for this condition.

e). Morning wood
You will also notice that you will get lesser and lesser “morning wood” (nocturnal penile tumescence) occurrence when you wake up. To note, this could also be a tell tale sign for erectile dysfunction.


f). Ejaculation fluid
Beside lesser sperm count, when you ejaculate, you will notice lesser fluid is being expelled as our prostate and seminal vesicles productivity decreases. At times, this could be due to clogged duct.

With the weakening of bulbocavernosus muscle (in layman, the expulsion muscle at our penis originate at the perineum area), our ejaculation fluid could also be dribbling out instead of having a good trajectory like our young days.

g). Change of colour
As blood flows is inhibited or slowed down, our tip of the penis will not appear as pink as it used to be. Our pubic hair will also turn grey and get lesser.

h). Urination
You may experience more frequent urination as you grow older due to the enlargement of prostate that press against your bladder.

Well, if you are facing any issue or have a concern, do talk to a urulogist, share with your partner on your worry or seek alternative treatment i.e. manhood therapy, take supplement / medication or go for corrective surgery. You can certainly still have your fun regardless of your age.

Before: Manhood Therapy: Sexual Dysfunction – Causes & Treatment
After: Haemorrhoid + I


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