Super Blind Traditional Massage Centre [Review]

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Length: 3 mins read (626 words)

Outlet: Brickfield, Kuala Lumpur

Service tried: 60 Mins full body massage

Last visit: March 2021


Cleanliness 3.5 / 5
Customer service 3 / 5
Skill 2 / 5
Facility 3 / 5
Ambience 2 / 5

My next adventure in exploring blind / visually impaired therapist and I decided to head to Brickfields area again. I chose this outlet for this time round. It is not that difficult to find this place. It is quite an old brand and the outlook and design of the place do reflect that.

From the main entrance, there is a waiting area with reception counter. Then through another door, one would go to their treatment room. You don’t have to take off your shoes when you walk in from the main entrance, but you can just walk all the way in til the treatment room with your shoes on.

There are many treatment rooms (mine is Room 8) and there is a sauna room as well which I honestly am a bit hesitant to try, mainly because I am unsure of the hygiene level. 

Before the session, the therapist changed the massage table sheet. Then I was brought to the room and it was pitch black; I have to figure out my way around. But then again, I am quite used to this especially when going to an establishment that is run by visually impaired. Meanwhile, in the room, there was no hanger but there was a drawer so that was where I put all my clothes and belonging. 


Sequence wise, the session started with me being on prone then supine and later seated up. But after that, I was ask to lie down, on prone again. I am unsure whether the therapist estimated the time wrongly or he really wanted to work on my lower back longer. But, the additional step especially after I have seated up did felt abrupt. 

Throughout the session, there was no background music and you can off and on hear the chit chatting of other patron and therapist too. Half way through the massage, there was also another therapist who was checking for vacant room to be used. It was a distraction and the conversation between the therapists was pretty loud. 

Compared to other brand, the flow is pretty much the same, not in a bad way (I mean how different can it get especially after trying so many different brands). He started with my lower back, glut then moved to the lower limb on prone. When on supine, he continued with lower limb, hand, chest and stomach. When I was seated, he spent some time on my neck and shoulder but after that, he worked on my lower back again (have to lie face down for the second time). That was also how the session ended too, pretty unexpected.


Technique wise, I felt he mostly uses palm rubbing with alternate rhythm. At certain moment, I sensed that there was certain hesitation from him or maybe, he was being unsure of what he was doing at that exact point of time.  It was not a nice feeling to have as a receiver. Meanwhile, I can hardly relax during the session due to the surrounding noises. And the hesitation that I perceive from him while working on me kept me alert as well for some reasons.  

– Like other brands that are run by the visually impaired, there are certain weakness that one has to look pass, like this particular one on me being brought into a complete darkness room and having to find my own way around.

– The price is definitely very affordable and in fact slightly cheaper than other brands as well. 

– I didn’t enjoy the flow and the technique. 


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