Johan Massage Therapist [Review]

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Length: 3.5 mins read (765 words)

Outlet: Jalan Pandan Indah, Selangor

Service tried: 90 Mins full body

Last visit: January 2022

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Cleanliness 4.5 / 5
Customer service 4.5 / 5
Skill 4.5 / 5
Facility 4 /5
Ambience 4/5

Firstly thank you to Hakim one of the reader of the blog for recommending me to Johan (if you are reading this Hakim, please feel free to drop me a whatsapp). I made a booking with Johan few days prior and he replied promptly. He basically have 3 slots per day, one in the morning, afternoon and then night. On that day itself, he sent me the location to his place. Once I arrived, I texted him again to get his unit number.

His place is in one of the flat in the Ampang area which the surrounding are not top notch in its cleanliness and tidiness. However when you step into his unit, you can certainly sense he indeed put a lot of thought to dress up his unit. It feels very homely and well look after. The massage room is spacious with simple but nice looking deco and soft warm lighting. At the front of the room is a big tv where he plays the music from. However, his internet is a bit wonky today in which I use my bluetooth speaker instead (since I was from another appointment of mine).

Johan is indeed very friendly. Even though this was the first time we met, he is very approachable and we were chatting away as though we already knew each other for a while. He was with a massage establishment up at Genting for many years before he decided to go his own way in 2018.


Johan actually got his proper massage education in Thailand 20+ years ago after giving up his corporate life. His firm strokes and draping techniques indeed reaffirm that he has that years of experience in his hand. His specialized in Thai oil massage and what I particularly enjoy is his very good continuous, uninterrupted flow once he starts the oil portion.

As with many massages, Johan started his routine on prone with dry presses over towel to warm up and to introduce his touch to the recipient. Soon after, with the oil, he started to work on the leg then move to the foot before going to the gluts and back. For those unfamiliar with Thai oil massage modalities, there are a lot of broad palm strokes, skin rolling, forearm glides and thumb strokes in a ceaseless flow. As mentioned above, Johan certainly tackle this portion impeccably plus with his great synchronization of both the hand.


Once I was turned over, on supine, he gave me an eye bag to cover my eyes and then adjusted all the draping nicely again before continuing. In this lying position, beside using the oil techniques, he incorporated a bit more stretches ala traditional Thai technique. For this section, he will finish the right leg with right hand before moving to the left leg with leg hand (a slight difference than what I have experienced in most of the Thai massage).

Then, he continued with the stomach massage and chest massage. I do like the pressure that he used for both stomach and chest massage. I have come across therapist that may used a bit too much strength on this more fragile part which do cause some discomfort. But for him, it is just right. His massage routine will end with a head massage which I declined for today.

After the massage finished, he served tea in a teapot at his living room (today he made longan and red date tea). On his living room TV, he also put on a water feature wallpaper to add onto the ambiance which I felt is a nice touch. I sat down, enjoy the tea and we chatted some more before I have to excuse myself to escape the jam.

– Please feel free to use your own oil especially if you are an essential oil user. Johan uses normal baby oil, just for lubricating purposes (with no healing properties).
– He does have bathroom facility which you can take a bath before or after the massage.
– The massage table is sturdy and very comfortable

– If you enjoy a good Thai oil massage in other establishment out there, you are certainly in for a treat with Johan.
– Very affordable charges especially someone with his skill

– The area where his unit is located. Please do drive slow and beware of pedestrian while you are looking for parking.


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