Ian Chow [Review]

I can’t possibly do a review on myself or the services that I rendered. Instead, I created a page where I can compile and post the reviews that I have gotten from my client.

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Marvin Ng (16th Sept 2021 on Google Business): Professional massage! Will definitely come back again. Thanks for all the detailed treatment!

Kevin Yeoh (4th April 2021 via Facebook page review): Ian is a very friendly guy who will make you feel at ease. Love his detail to attention with soothing music and nice-smelling diffuser. He came prepared! Very knowledgeable and detailed oriented. Ian will explain the pressure points that affect me and make me understand them. Highly recommended and cannot wait to book another session with him!

Max Ng (25th February 2021 via whatsapp): Great massage therapist.👍🏻👍🏻 u r very concerned about my problem areas n professional. Making me feel comfortable n relax.

Chong Eugene (15th February 2021 on Facebook page review): Ian is very professional and friendly. The ambience was really good with the nice smell of his specially mixed essential oil. Love it! Very calm n relaxing!
His skill is superb, every pressure point really kena n he will explain to u regarding ur issues.
Highly recommended! If u looking for a professional therapist with good attitude and skill, he is the one 😄

Lee Swee Keong (18th January 2021 on Facebook post): 按摩师的身心健康是重要的,这样条件的按摩师真的不容易找。我要推荐 Ian 的按摩服务给大家.
他用 doterra 的椰子油与精油,全程都在当下,从容地进行。
让我说得感性一点 ~

Gary Ktn (27th December 2020 on Facebook post): Had a 75 min treatment massage by Ian. His massage skill is the thorough. Throughout all the therapist I experienced you are the best. Well done.

Nick Au (5th December 2020 on Facebook page review): Ian is both your therapist and consultant. he knows where your pain points are and addresses them systematically. He adopts a holistic approach in his massages and ensures your body respond well to the treatment. He was even able to tell that my body was tense on my lower left and my upper right. Indicative of probably poor posture and favouring one side of the body more than the other.

Overall 10/10 experience with him and I’d definitely be booking my next slot.

Evangeline Lim (2nd December 2020 on Facebook page review): A very knowledgeable therapist, that can help to identify certain problems your body may be facing by just a touch. Ian Chow’s massages are not only relaxing, but helps in treating the body. He takes the time to pre-asses the conditions/concerns his clients have. Every session is unique because he ‘listens’ to your body to tailor his massage therapy to provide relief that helps your well-being.

I love that he uses a variety of treatment methods like the myofascial technique. The experience is wholesome with candles, aromatherapy using high grade essential oils, and soothing music to aid in your mental and emotional wellness too during the sessions. He also sanitises himself thoroughly upon entering your home. A professional therapist indeed. I love that I can have therapies in the comfort and safety of my own home. Highly recommended!

Joury Kim (19th November 2020 on Google Business): I have always wanted to try his services after reading about it. Ok, finally my turn is here. Ian is truly professional before arrival at my place. One needs to answer questions and revert back. While he was here, I felt very at ease due to his friendly nature. Massage is top notch and good, comfortable strength applied. Well, definitely will call him again and in fact I have recommended a friend. He said will make appointment this Saturday. Well, good luck as Ian Chow is very popular/ sought after . Thank you.

Gary Mok (21st August 2020 on Facebook page review): Very attentive and detailed therapist, he is well versed on how to best target all areas of the body. He also spends the extra time to make sure everything is addressed.

Edlyn Khoo (20th August 2020 on Facebook page review): Booked a massage therapy session at home for my Mom and I. Ian did an assessment before the session to understand where we needed treatment the most, and also to find out any existing conditions/injuries that we had. He brought a massage table, with clean towels, speakers for relaxing spa music and scented candles too. He ensured the table, towels and all other items required were sanitized before use. The massage itself was professional and therapeutic, and he ensured to check if the pressure was OK. Would book a session again.

Sean Khor (14th July 2020 on WordPress):

Skills 5/5 – why i give this rating is that he really puts in effort for the message to make sure that it really treats you for the problem you are having.

Products used 5/5 – from a nice oil to scented candle, he turns your hotel into a spa

Overall: I would definitely go for Ian again when i am in KL. note that the session is strictly professional and no hanky-panky type. By the time he is done with the massage you would have realized that you are really relaxed for 60 mins. the last 15 mins is more towards stretching. he also thought me how to press on some points on my feet to relieve headache. I hope i am pressing it right.

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