[Exclusive] Rahsia Spa (preview)

By Ian Chow, Certified Massage Therapist / Infant Massage Instructor / Oncology Massage Trainer

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In the month of August 2022, I was invited to the preview of Rahsia Spa’s new space at Bangsar. The first thing that come into my mind when they told me that they have shifted was the convenience of the location. As it is a standalone bungalow lot, I don’t have to go through the hassle of security guard registration anymore, unlike their previous outlet. Plus, parking is also not an issue here. 

On a more important point, regardless of location, as before, their service is always tip top from the moment you step in until you leave the place. 

As soon as I ring the door bell, Ady came to the front door to welcome me with a warm smile and started to chat like a long lost friend. Then I was brought to a small garden space where the foot washing ritual take place. Unlike the conventional foot wash that you find in those commercial brands, this particular ritual transported me back to my kampung days at Alor Setar where before I stepped into my late grandmother place, we had to wash our feet from a pail of water. 

After that, I was brought to the waiting area where I have to fill in the treatment form. At the same time, I get to enjoy a cup of cold tamarind tea. There is also a cold towel for me to wipe my hand and face (if you want). With the hot weather, the drink and this towel is definitely a very welcoming sight.


Soon after, I was brought to the treatment room at level 4. The house actually has five levels with 5 treatment rooms. Some rooms can also cater to couple but with shared bathroom (so if you do body scrub, it can be slightly inconvenient for the washing part). Currently, as they are still in the process of upgrading, the room is simple but for me, it is already good enough and give a very good vibe as a massage room. According to Ady, they plan to decorate each room with its own theme.

When it comes to the massage, it certainly not lacking of quality. I always have very high regards to Ady and his team with their skill. For a more detail review, you may also click here

Meanwhile, for one of the room at the highest level, that will be their upcoming room for their Maharaja Package treatment (their VIP treatment area) which culminate to a 4 hour luhur (scrub), body wrap, mandi bunga (flower bath) and full body massage including manhood therapy. Outside of that room is a private swimming pool for their guest to enjoy. 


For this preview, I was served the Maharaja package tea after the massage. It was rose bud tea and assortment of biscuit. The tea is really fragrant and you get to enjoy it in a very cosy environment. 

At the end, Ady showed me around the house. This bungalow seems to have a lot of small gardens or spaces that can be converted into nice F&B spaces. In fact, they could easily expand their massage incorporating F&B component and make it as a thematic experience eg. custom made package for birthday, anniversary, workers day out etc. I was sharing this with Ady and he in fact already do have in mind what I have mentioned to him. 

My visit today definitely was a very pleasant one. Not only that I get to enjoy a great massage but also to catch up with Ady and to hear about his plan. He and his business partner, Ryan definitely have foresight and the fact that they manage to survive through the pandemic and came back even stronger, it is an effort worth applauding. Furthermore, with the quality of service and massage that they maintained, they certainly won’t go wrong. 

All the best to the team and see you soon. 

You may check out Rahsia Spa here: 


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