Amber Lotus Wellness & Spa [Review]

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Outlet: Maxim Citylight, Sentul

Service tried: Swedish massage, foot reflexology

Last visit: June 2018

Cleanliness 4 / 5
Customer service 4.5 / 5
Skill 3.5 / 5
Facility 3.5 / 5
Ambience 4 / 5


I stumble across this outlet on Fave. Very strangely, in a lot of Fave’s offers, if you are a men, it is a requirement that you must be accompanied by a woman when utilising the voucher. But if you walk in and just take up any of their normal package or promo package, you need not. Amber Lotus is not an exception as well. I can’t understand the reasoning behind it.

Anyway, it is not that difficult to find this new building along Jalan Sentul Pasar (Maxim CityLight) where this outlet is situated at. Currently, they do provide free parking and to find this outlet easier, you can park and exit at level 2 Stair 21.

Once you come down via the stairs, you won’t be able to miss it cos it is just right across the road. The exterior and reception definitely looks very presentable and as soon as I stepped in, I was greeted by the reception and the soothing background music.


There is no proper rack to put your shoes for now and it is just placed at the front door, near the reception area. I do find the interior lighting is a bit too bright though and the slightly oil stained floor is accentuated by this lighting.

I started today session with foot reflexology with a therapist who has good skill. She started with the front of the foot, the toes then the side and finally the sole with both pressure massage and an apparatus. What I find cool is the foot bath area (the sink) is underneath the chair where I rest my leg, just need to slide it out….a very space economical design. And the chair body rest can be electronically adjusted to your liking.

My next treatment is Swedish massage which was only slightly above average for me. Before that, the entire massage space partitioned by curtains have very good ambience and the lighting design is great too. But I do feel that the space between each bed is slightly too near. I also feel the bed is a bit small for my liking….the hand do feel sore after hanging down for a while. The aircond is definitely a tad cold and we are most of the times only covered by a thin batik cloth. It does look stylish and has its own identity but with the aircond that strong, may not be that practical.


Coming back to the massage, the therapist start from leg to body and same flow again when I face up. Technique wise, I feel that the therapist uses a bit too much elbow. I always thought Swedish massage has more broad and sweeping / gliding stroke rather than point based. Also, her stroke is not too smooth and inconsistent strength used. But if this is an aromatherapy massage, the technique used would be perfect for me.

Did want to go back recently but they no longer offer long hours packages (I wanted 2 hours body massage + 1 hour foot massage). Their promo packages are pretty pretty much 90 mins body massage + 30 mins foot massage. I really don’t mind topping up but they did not offer hence I assume they are not interested in doing those packages at this point.


-The therapist here are all local and no male therapist at the moment.
-You can either wear their disposable underwear or your own underwear….must wear something.
-They seems to have a big unutilised and unrenovated space behind, you will see it if you go to the washroom. Perhaps there is plan to expand.

-Good price with good ambience
-Friendly therapist and good customer service

-Can be more prompt in answering email. Having said that, they are pretty fast with WhatsApp.
-Technique is a bit hit and miss for the type of massage that I requested for
-A thicker body covering cloth perhaps


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