Tantara Manspa [Review]

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Outlet: Novotel, Kuala Lumpur

Service tried: 90 mins Tantara Signature Massage

Last visit: February 2020

Tantara Men Spa is the perfect place for you to get your body relaxed and rejuvenated in Kuala Lumpur. We offer a variety of services, including manicures, pedicures, reflexology, waxing, facials, and massages. Our staff provides friendly and professional services for men who want to look great and feel healthy. Contact Us today to book an appointment!


Cleanliness 4.5 / 5
Customer service 4 / 5
Skill 3.5 / 5
Facility 4.5 / 5
Ambience 4 / 5

I remember I have been here before long time ago when it was under a different management. They are at Level 4 in the hotel. You don’t need to register at the lobby or special access card, just go straight up via the lift at the left side of the lobby.

The establishment now has been revamped with even better facility. Back then, the ambiance is already good but now after the change-over, they have even more facility available. The interior design also look cleaner and more inviting (except the reception area that I feel it is slightly too bright and sterile. Reminds me more of an office reception area rather than a spa).

I remember when they first started under this new management, it is a spa cater to men only (even the name indicate so). However, they now also do accept ladies. The therapy can be done by both male or female therapist and I remember reading somewhere that their male therapist used to work at Purnama Spa. However, I didn’t manage to confirm that today as I was assigned a lady therapist from the land of Borneo.


Once you selected the package that you wanted (I selected Tantara Signature Massage), you have to make payment first. Then you wait at the waiting area just right beside the reception area and not long after, the therapist will come out to bring you into the private treatment room. It is very well equipped; it has a shower cubicle, a bath tub and a dressing table with even a hair dryer and a giant mirror. There is also a side table with a small lounge chair beside. It feels very welcoming and privacy is definitely there with each treatment area being a proper room (and not just separated by curtain or partition). And you may also take a bath before and/or after the massage, depending on your fancy.

The massage started in prone position with dry presses from the leg to the back. The drape used was very comfy. And the bed was the very sturdy and right size for me too. After the presses, it continues with using oil on the leg with push-pull broad stroke then move up to the buttock area and back. For the back, I quite enjoy this portion cos she was really detailed. From the lower back, she move to the left side of the back, the right side, mid back then up to shoulder and neck. Technique wise is all effluerage and petrissage. Before turning over, she worked a bit on the hand with oil and finished the prone portion with once again dry presses on the back and hand.

During this whole time, there was construction that is happening at the hotel hence it was quite noisy. Even though there was relaxing spa music played, it is completely drowned by the drilling and hacking sound. Hopefully this is temporary because it does dampen the mood.


When turn to supine, she started from the leg again working on the front muscle then to the side muscle. It continued with the stomach before the hand. Shortly after, the chest and neck area with a lot of circular strokes then finished with a face massage. After the massage, I took a bath and at no time, that you will feel you are being rushed by the therapist.

It was indeed a good and relaxing massage. If I have to nit pick, I can’t pin down what is the signature about this massage. For me, I felt it to be very similar to a Balinese / Swedish massage that I have experienced before. But in its description, it does mentioned that it has elements of these techniques together with Malay, Tantric and Lomi Lomi elements. I do expect it to be a slightly unique in its procedure or technique hence was a bit disappointed in this aspect. Plus, a good part of me is saying that I may have a different better experience if my session was done by a male therapist. Meanwhile, the signature massage is slightly more expensive than the other too.

If you wish, ginger tea can also be served inside the room before and after the massage and you can relax at the room for a while before heading off.


– Hope the construction will finish soon cos it does effect the enjoyment of the session.
– They do provide disposable underwear but you can go completely naked as well
– You can bring your own oil if you want and I did expect that being a signature massage, they would have a special oil of their own rather than just the generic massage oil

– Nice ambiance with well equipped facility
– Many different package and services offered
– Friendly therapist who is attentive to you

– It is 4 star hotel spa pricing which can be considered as high when compared to other chain brands out there. I guess it is the location that you are paying for as well.
– Would be even better if the Signature Massage has a trick or two up its sleeve and doesn’t feel too much like a Balinese or Swedish massage.


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