Manhood Therapy: Fake or Real?

By Ian Chow, Certified Massage Therapist / Infant Massage Instructor / Oncology Massage Trainer

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I think to date, there is still no research paper or proven scientific research that manhood therapy actually works 100% or bring benefit to the male sexual organ. In fact, I have read article which has advised against these form of treatment as it may damage the tissue, muscle or the nervous system of the reproductive system.


Me? Well, I do believe in it. That is also why I took up the course to learn the skill from Sifu Mohd Raussein who has 19 years of experience to date in this field.

I do not know where does manhood therapy originated from. Most say it is an ancient Malay massage technique but I am aware that Thailand also has its own known as “Jabkasai”, China with “Juagen” and “Tantric Lingam Massage” developed in Berlin in the 1970s which share some similarity too. Regardless of its place of origin, all of these techniques definitely agree that manhood therapy is not about happy ending (ejaculation) at the end of the massage. In fact, one would advise you against ejaculating after the treatment for at least the next 24 hours.


At the end of the day, just like massage to any other part of the body, manhood therapy is also about promoting good blood circulation and stimulating the nervous system; particularly for manhood therapy, it is to the surrounding pelvic and groin area. Plus, it is to clear off restriction in the surrounding muscular skeletal system.

Meanwhile, contrary to believe, manhood therapy is not just about massaging directly on the penis and scrotum. In fact, I would think that only form approximately 30% of the entire treatment. So where is the other 70% one may ask? It is on the lower back (the lumbar region), the sacrum / buttock, thigh (particularly the adductor muscles), leg, abdomen, perineum, femoral triangle area and the femoral ring. If you want to read about the steps that one may expect during the treatment, do click here.

If one really look into the anatomy side of it, you will realize that the treatment actually will concentrate on areas that are connected to your pelvic / hip region particularly to your pubic bone that may have its connection to your reproductive system (Note: Pubic bone [pubis] form one of the three main parts of your hip bone; the other two being ilium and ischium).


The lower back and sacrum not only work on the muscles and ligaments that may create tension on your buttock region but also on both lumbar and sacral plexus, a network of nerves that play a sensory role in the male sexual organs. Meanwhile, the thigh and leg both have many muscles that are inserted at the hip bone. Then, your abdomen muscles (which have 4 distinct muscles including your “6 packs” rectus abdominis) are inserted on your pubic bone (near to your pubic symphysis). In laymen term, if any of these create a pull, tension or restriction, certainly it will effect the surrounding areas including your sexual organ and glands. And in long run, it may cause complication such as erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, low sexual stamina etc.

Now, there are also many manhood therapy that have incorporated acupressure and reflexology points which correspond to kidneys, liver, spleen-pancreas, lungs and heart beside the usual prostate, testicle and penis, as part of their treatment. Some also now incorporated jelqing techniques in their treatment.


Is it painful? Yes, it can be painful but you can always ask your therapist to go lighter (in strength) with the treatment and gradually increases it once you are used to the touch and treatment.

Regardless of whichever massage technique used for whichever body part, I still don’t believe in no pain, no gain concept. It could be temporary soreness or pain to the part that are being massaged but it shouldn’t be prolonged cos when that happen, I do believe your body will tense up and your nervous system may “shut down”, being not receptive to the treatment.

Is it invasive? If you ever feel it is too invasive, always feel free to clarify with your therapist on what are they doing and why are they doing it so that you are aware of the treatment rendered and its objective.


Is it meant for all men? Of course. Sexual orientation is never a factor at all to receive a massage.

Is it legal (in Malaysia)? It is subjective as it is not regulated. Do go for a proper type of manhood therapy to ensure it legitimacy.

Is it recommended? At the end of it all, whether you believe in manhood therapy, it is really for you to decide. If you don’t, there are also other proven medicine or supplement that one can take for the reproductive system health. Plus, surgery that one can do.

If you want to try a session, there are many out there who offer proper manhood therapy but there are also those who disguise it in the pretext of a “handjob”.

Do get in touch with me for your therapy session to restore, regain and rejuvenate your manhood health!

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  1. This is good explanation lan. There may be a lot of people in need of support for this especially since ED and other related causes is being suffered silently by many. The age count too by statistic is becoming younger due to many lifestyle effects. Continue to create these awarehess for quality of life in men.

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