Olundus [Review]

Length: 3 mins read (680 words)

Outlet: Queensbay, Penang

Service tried: Full body massage

Last visit: August 2018

“Experience a relaxing and therapeutic treatment concentrating on pressure points and massage techniques on the body. Reflexology helps balance and detoxify, which can help alleviate tension in the body, relieve headaches, sinus congestion and stress.” https://www.facebook.com/olundusreflexologyqb


Cleanliness 4 / 5
Customer service 4 / 5
Skill 3 / 5
Facility 3 / 5
Ambience 3 / 5

Came to Penang for a business trip and this chain came out with good rating when I search for a massage place around this area. 

When I walked into the outlet, first thing that strikes me the most was the interior design. I can’t really make out what it is based on. It is somewhat a fusion of old and new concept but doesn’t gel well for me, as though there is some form of identity crisis. The aroma scent that was used was not that soothing either and I once again, can’t make out what it was. It smelt like something burnt. 

On the other hand, once I walked in, I was greeted by a friendly receptionist, stood up, welcome me and subsequently ask me what package do I want by showing me the price list. There were normal price vs member price. I chose Borneo Signature massage.


At the reception area, I do remember for some weird reason, I can hear people chatting quite loudly. Possibly the foot treatment area is just right beside the reception area but  didn’t went to check it out. And things got quieter and more serene as soon as I reached my treatment room (a level above); a proper room with curtain as a door. 

But the interior design once again didn’t sit well with me. The wallpaper used was some dark golden big flower that gives a very gloomy vibe. And the boxer (not disposable) provided is similar to the wallpaper and it is quite horrible looking. I felt that I was in a nightclub more than a massage place.

This Borneo massage style reminds me of a combination of Thai and Balinese massage. So sometimes, I wonder whether this is this truly the unique style from that mentioned region or it is just made up as marketing gimmick. It started with palm presses with towel on. And then the therapist will start on the back (left side), followed by the left hand and then back (right side), followed by right hand before moving to the leg. There is a lot of palm and thumb pushes and sliding with occasional arm use.


Throughout the session, there is zero communication from the therapist including her strength applied. I didn’t quite enjoy her leg massage. I felt very ticklish and I tensed up almost the entire time of the leg massage. The massage ended with neck, shoulder and finally the scalp (head). The scalp is possibly one of the section that I dislike the most. It is almost that she is trying to pop my brain out from my skull. The strength just got harder and harder and I never felt more relieved when she said the session is over.

I am unsure whether they may have different and better skilled therapist or it is across the board. I won’t get the try it again cos this brand is not available in KL. Nevertheless, it is still an experience to try a brand unique to Penang.


-You must either wear your own underwear or the boxer provided. Like some of the bigger chain, there is also a notice pasted on the wall on their rules and regulation. Plus, there is also an additional sign that says no extra service provided…..perhaps, they get a lot of requests of such. 

-During face up, the therapist off the light and we are kinda in total darkness. I would have thought or be more comfortable if it was dimmed or eye mask / cover being provided. 

-Affordable massage even if on normal price

-Unwelcoming interior design 
-Quality of massage is not to what I have expected


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