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1. Please do share about your background in a nutshell.

My previous exposure has always been in medical and healthcare industry; you may say that it has been my passion. But to cut long story short, at one point in life, I was given the options to relook at my career path and to see what’s in store for me back then. I picked massage therapy and took up courses for it. Then later, I was given the opportunity to teach at Wellness Art Massage School. And now, I do offer massage therapy on days that I have no class.

2. Do you have a preferred massage modality? Any reason for that?

To me all modalities have its own benefits, in one way or another. Personally I focus on Swedish-Thai massage for relaxation and sports injury massage modality for treatment on specific areas. Foot reflexology is also something that I offer to stimulate central nervous system from within our body.

3. What is the weirdest request you ever get from a client before, during or after a session?  

I only offer my treatment for females client (and I out rightly state so in my collaterals) so when I do get enquiry from men, that is consider weird to me. Other than that, I’ve been lucky 😅


4. Let’s turn it the other way around, instead of client always requesting this and that from you, what would you request of your client when comes to massage? Or what is your one wish on customer if you are granted one?

Get a good shower and clean (and scrub) your foot before any session 🤣

5. What is your advice or word of wisdom to aspiring massage therapist?

One: Love what you do and Two: Keep it professional

6. Any other things you would like to share or add?

To the therapist, at any point of time if you feel uncomfortable or started to cringe due to any reason at all, pack up and leave. Protect yourself.
To the receiver, simple appreciation to your giver means a lot i.e. as simple as a thank you. That’s all they’ll ask for.

7. Where can one get in touch with you for your services?

WhatsApp or call me at +60 12 226 6234 (Only accept female patron)


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