[Exclusive] Fancy Beauty & Wellness (preview)

By Ian Chow, Certified Massage Therapist / Infant Massage Instructor / Oncology Massage Trainer

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I grew up around this area during the first decade of my childhood. Oh boy! How it has developed and this now can be considered as the central area of Sri Petaling and double parking is so rampant here. But fret not! The multistorey carpark will save you from all the headaches (don’t bother going round and round for parking on the roadside). 

I was invited for a visit in January 2023 by Marvin, one of my client who eventually became friend. He co-owns the establishment, which ultimately is a combination of massage, gym, spa, hair / nail salon and co-working space which you can’t tell from the outlook. According to Marvin, it used to be known as W Spa back then. 


The establishment occupies two floors. The outlet reception is located at third level, very tastefully done (serene and zen with the visual, aural and smell). The massage portion is primarily done on third level with 5 private treatment rooms and a separate cozy space to do foot massage. Then the second level houses the gym, nail / hair salon, sauna, co-working space with another 4 facial cum massage rooms. The idea is ala a one stop centre for wellness and yet, in between you can catch up with your work too. Plus, if you want meal to be thrown in, they have that too via delivery.

I was brought around for a tour by their friendly receptionist, Sharon who also took down some of my particular for the massage session later. The public spaces interior design feel very homely but from the external / store front, you won’t be able to get this feel, very unassuming. With the receptionist counter in the middle, the waiting area is on the right and to the left is where the earlier mentioned massage rooms cum foot massage area is, separated by a great water feature at the hallway.


At the second level, the gym is on the left with their office cum co-working space in the middle. They also offer personal trainer service for the gym. Then the hair salon, facial cum massage room and sauna are all on the right. The two floors layout are compact but with a scrupulous design of the space.

For my session, I got the couple massage room located at second level that comes with a bath tub as well as a private shower area. If not, they do have common shower facility attached to the washroom (which are also on second level).


When it comes to the massage, their 10 members team of therapist are unquestionably of certain level of experience with mainly Thai massage and acupressure modality as their strong point. Techniques include palm stamping and thumb / elbow press (their pressure could be a bit overwhelming for some but just nice for me); while with oil, palm / forearm broad strokes with occasional more focused thumb strokes to work on the muscle knots. They have good draping technique and good usage of their body weigh. With the three option of oils, I chose Jasmine for today (Lemongrass and Rose being the other two).

With the primary usage of blue ambiance light, the massage room and the gym do have a slight difference in its identity. Even the choice of massage table itself is not the common shape. It does feels that you have stepped into another zone. It can be quite contrasting than the other spaces (but not in a bad way). One comment though, I feel their floor laminate for the treatment room will need an overhaul soon as it is showing signs of wear and tear.


The sequence while on prone started with touch introduction by the therapist, very gently by brushing through the drape from head to toe for a couple of times followed by light tapotement. It is unique because this portion is rarely done in length and I do find it a nice way to settle down the receiver. Then what follow suit is what you can experience with other good massages that you can get at other establishment (from shoulder to back to hand then glutes and leg). But what I find different is, Peter, my therapist for today do have quite a number of ways to execute his techniques and he doesn’t linger on a single technique for too long. Hence as a receiver, I don’t feel as though I am just being rubbed aimlessly.

On supine, he will begin on the leg, then stomach, chest and head. While seated, I skipped the stretching bits which is always my least favourite. So, he ended up spending more time on my neck and shoulder with petrissage.


Generally, I am very impressed with this establishment. And thanks to Marvin for giving me this preview. I really didn’t expect that it has so many elements combined in one centre. Plus, the massage rates is very affordable and it comes with quality too. In fact, according to Marvin, that was the Founder’s intention that he wanted everyone to be able to afford a good massage as a way to maintain their wellbeing.

I did suggest to Marvin perhaps in the near future, he could incorporate treatment massage into this already special setup that he has. All the best to the team and see you again.

You may check out their FB page here:  https://www.facebook.com/fancybeautynwellness with their Instagram: fancybeautynwellness

And this is their current massage rates card (Note: Rates card subject to change without prior notice. Do contact them to make further enquiry)


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