Cozzyland Reflexology [Review]

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Outlet: Kota Damansara

Service tried: Full body Balinese massage

Last visit: November 2018

Experience the finest authentic traditional massage, for you and your family. Relax, Relief and Rejuvenate.

Cleanliness 4 / 5
Customer service 3.5 / 5
Skill 4 / 5
Facility 3.5 / 5
Ambience 3.5 / 5


I have been reading many good reviews about this outlet prior to my first visit. And since I am around that area that day and have some time to kill, decided to give it a try. This particular area in Kota Damansara has at least 3 different massage outlets within a few hundred meter radius. Competition must be stiff but on the other hand, demand must be good for it to have so many different outlets.

I walked into the outlet and was greeted by two local receptionist. My first impression was the owner must be a Malaysian Chinese (had this impression simply because of the big gold and koi fish tank, first time seeing it as part of a design piece for a massage outlet). Maybe it is meant for feng shui but I must say the fluorescent light from the tank does spoil the reception and foot bath ambience a little.


Tried Balinese massage which has a lot of long strokes and presses primarily with palm and arm with some occasional skin rolling. It is like a Swedish massage but with harder strength applied. Prior to that, the session started with a foot bath which I do particularly like the salt texture that they used. Then have to proceed to level 1 where the main service area was (Level 2 consist of couple room). It is curtain partitioned and I do notice that the curtain is slightly thin, in which with bright light, it is a bit translucent. There is a hanger for cloths but nothing else if you want to put your accessories. The massage bed size is good, just right for me but I do find the headrest can get a bit uncomfortable over the long session. It could also possibly be because they were using a thin cloth as the base.

I did get an attentive therapist (from Indonesia) who occasionally will ask me whether I experienced any pain or whether her strength is ok. Initially, I opted for medium and then went on to hard because the medium strength is more like her caressing my body rather than massaging me. But when she first came and greet me, she did look a bit sleepy and moody though. Nevertheless, her massage technique is good. With my face down, she started from the back, buttock, hand (this part was extra nice for me) to leg then during face up, it was from down to up til the scalp. The scalp massage is possibly one section that I didn’t enjoy that much because it was a bit hard for my liking. It felt more like scratches than massage. However, this was better during my subsequent visit. I also realized that different therapist may have slight variation to their technique. One therapist used her palm more while the other used her arm and elbow more. Quality wise, I would say it is comparable and equally good.


There were certain moments that I do feel the massage environment is slightly noisy. But I cannot determine whether they are the customer or the therapist. However, they speak in foreign language hence could possibly be the therapists chit chatting.

Out of curiosity, I did ask the receptionist what is the difference between Balinese and Malaysian massage which is one of their other service being provided. She answered me that both is still oil base and similar technique used but one is done by Indonesian and one is by Malaysian. Hmmm…. i shall try it one of these days to find out for myself. But currently, still no luck with Malaysian massage. Been assigned therapist from Indonesia even on my return visit. They also provide Thai massage and lymphatic body massage (only for female).

Tried their foot massage recently. It is done at the ground floor in a relatively big and dimly lit hall. There are 9 chairs, facing a TV mounted on a ceiling. The ambience is as though you are watching a movie while enjoying a foot massage but the TV volume is just nice (and you can still hear the serene background music). Despite feeling a bit claustrophobic and the chair could be a bit near to one another, the treatment is very good and I particularly like the strength (with no apparatus use too). The massage done on the toes is painfully satisfying. Haha.


-Do bring your own oil (they only provide normal oil and will charge for essential oil) and a good face towel for the headrest for maximum enjoyment. And yes, you can go fully naked if you want.

-Attentive therapist with good strength
-Affordable happy hour rate with extended hours til 6pm

-The headrest for the bed is a bit uncomfortable especially for a long session
-Why the need to charge for essential oil?


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