Rahsia Spa For Men [Review]

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Outlet: Vivo Residential Suite Old Klang Road, Selangor

Service tried: Rahsia Signature Secret (90 mins)

Last visit: August 2022

A secret getaway place for men in a breathtaking environment in Seputeh area. Indulge yourself with concentric treatment for your need in a private place so call yours.


Click here for the latest preview of their new space at Bangsar: https://happychowder.com/2022/08/10/exclusive-rahsia-spa-preview/


Cleanliness 4.5 / 5
Customer service 4.5 / 5
Skill 5 / 5
Facility 4.5 / 5
Ambience 5 / 5

When I arrived at the doorstep, I realised that I actually do know the founder of Rahsia Spa who will also be treating me today. He (I know him as Ady) was from another renown spa (Laksamana Spa) previously and now came out on his own to open his own establishment after MCO. But before that, let’s talk a bit about booking of the appointment. Rahsia Spa uses a booking software that is not hard to navigate. I have seen other therapist using this as well. But, if you do face problem, you can always whatsapp their contact number directly and seek for assistance. Their response rate is very prompt. Also, it is courteous and professional with good follow up and reminder sent on the treatment day.

As Vivo Residential Suite is relatively a new development, finding it could be difficult. I was using waze but I still missed the turning twice because the new road leading in just has so many forks and turn-offs. The parking is still free of charge and there is ample visitor parking spots. Once I parked, I registered myself at the security counter and the officer then get me to the unit. The standard SOPs for Covid-19 do apply so plan your time accordingly (and don’t forget your mask).


Once I stepped into the place, I can’t help but to be fascinated with the interior design (with on-going serene music at the background). It is simple, homely but yet has a form of elegance to it. The different dash of green is tastefully used and the furniture is also well thought of. It felt very comfortable being in there (and the cleanliness is good and this could be important at this pandemic time). He offered me a refreshing drink and we sat down at the sofa to catch up a bit while I was enjoying the drink.

We then proceeded into the treatment room, which is very spacious complete with a wardrobe cabinet which I can place all my clothing, my laptop bag and my personal belonging. Once again, the interior design is simple, thoughtful and certainly serve its purpose well.

Once I lie on the sturdy and comfy massage table (on prone), I can see a potpourri underneath the headrest area which gives out a pleasant smell. This nice little add-on certainly eases me further into the mood.


When it comes to the massage, the skill that Ady has certainly did not disappoint. As I took the signature massage, it also come with the traditional manhood therapy and his knowledge and ability is certainly top notch. We also discussed and manage to identify one possible root cause of the dysfunction that I am facing with my manhood. And he was also able to propose remedy, exercises and changes in lifestyle to complement his treatment.

Coming back to the other main part of the massage, while on prone, he started working from the leg up; with dry presses warming up the muscle and working a bit on my spine alignment first. He has ashiatsu skill (massage with his barefoot) which he also used before proceeding to put oil on my body.

With oil, he uses a lot of broad strokes following the muscle fibers and muscle insertion points (which as usual can be slightly sore for me). But what is interesting is how he uses his palm, alternating between full palm and it being placed at an angle so the entire strength and structure feel different as a recipient, but yet, the motion felt very smooth. And then, he changed his stroke completely and used vibrational technique which makes the muscle felt very warm and relax.


After the leg and glutes portion, he then stretched me up with my thigh resting on his and started the first elaborate portion of the manhood therapy. While in this position, he also able to focus quite a fair bit on my ischium area which not many therapist do. And after this portion, he moved on to work on my back and shoulder with similar technique that he uses on my leg. While working on my shoulder, he told me about my alignment that resulted from my posture. He must have felt something not too right (which I am aware of this problem hence massage is one of the way I use to maintain it).

On supine, he once again worked from bottom up: leg, stomach, chest, hand, face, neck, head. And I get to enjoy an ice cold eye-pad which feels very soothing. In this position, he did start to tackle on my joints especially the shoulder joint which earlier while on prone, he was also working very hard on loosening various stiff muscles in these area. For the face / neck massage, he used a cold aloe vera gel which gave a very refreshing feeling.

The final portion is the manhood therapy. The area that he worked on consist of all main areas that the treatment should cover from lower abdomen / pubic bone to adductor to femoral ring to perineum, testicle and the penis itself. He is not the “no pain, no gain” type of therapist hence his strength is adjusted accordingly on what I can take. But I feel one of the main difference in his treatment is he pays a lot of attention to the muscle insertion points in the pelvic region. He did spend some time massaging on those points. He also spent quite a fair bit of time explaining and discussing with me on my dysfunction while his hand is still doing the treatment. So ended up, we went beyond the booking time (which he did not charge).


It is also worth mentioning that he is very attentive and respectful with his draping technique from start to finish. And every now and then, he would check on me on my comfort level. Even from last time when I knew him, he has very good manners and is a very pleasant gentleman.

Once the session ended, he asked me whether I would like ginger tea or water. I chose ginger tea and he also served me two packets of biscuit (another small but nice gesture). We ended up chatting a bit more while I was enjoying my tea and biscuit. It is just something about the ambience that make you feel so comfy and at ease that you wish can spend more time there.


– Only by appointment and should book early to avoid disappointment. Currently there are only two treatment rooms (which I felt is good too that it doesn’t feel congested during this pandemic)
– You can bring your own oil and as this involve manhood therapy, you are certainly require to be nude.
– Having the conversation with Ady, he seems to have great plan in mind to expand his brand and hopefully it will come to fruition
– His unit is on the 41st floor. If you are like me who is very afraid of height, never go near the window. LOL.

– Whole host of services are being offered; waxing, facial, scrub and massage therapy.
– A homely and cozy ambience.
– Great skill, an attentive therapist with great customer service.

– Premium pricing (but comes with premium service too) but just that at this economy stage, it is can be on the high side for a lot of consumer


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