88A Massage [Review]

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Length: 1.5 mins read (300 words)

Outlet: Brickfield Kuala Lumpur

Service tried: 60 mins full body massage

Last visit: January 2023



Cleanliness 4.5 / 5
Customer service 4 / 5
Skill 4 / 5
Facility 3 / 5
Ambience 3 / 5

– The lot is located at level 1. The whole space smell very sterile. After the counter (which also has their rates signboard on top), behind is the waiting area and the treatment rooms.

– The treatment room is very neat and tidy. The one that I am in, it has 3 big comfy massage table separated by curtain.

Prone: He started on my upper back then move to lower back. After that he work on my leg.

Supine: He begins on my right hand then go to my right leg. He continued with left leg and ends with my left hand.

Seated: It was quite a long routine in this position concentrating on scalp, neck and shoulder.


– He combines a variety of techniques. Usually will start with vibration followed by fast thumb stroke. He will then use thumb and palm press before relaxing back the muscle with a gentle effleurage.


Additional note
– You may bring your own oil.
– Do park at YMCA building as this will be the nearest parking to the outlet.
– His massage is generally good for relaxation and treat some conditions along the way. But if you are looking at specifically treating certain condition, it may not be his specialty.
– If you read my other review on visually impaired therapist, you have to be a bit more understanding on some of the therapist quirks. Like always, this is a community very worth supporting.

– Very affordable rates, among the lowest in this area.
– In terms of hygiene, this outlet do give me that assurance.


Update (Dec 2022): Got another therapist by the name of Sam and he has good strength and technique to work on my lower back.


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