HBM Healthy Blind Massage [Review]

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Length: 3.5 mins read (775 words)

Outlet: Kepong, Kuala Lumpur

Service tried: 60 Mins and 90 mins full body massage

Last visit: October 2021



Cleanliness 4 / 5
Customer service 4 / 5
Skill 4 / 5
Facility 3 / 5
Ambience 3.5 / 5

My second massage after MCO 2.0. This time round, I also chose visually impaired therapist. As I was browsing Facebook, this page was recommended to me via the FB advertisement (hmm…scary algorithm on how FB is tracking our web browsing preference). 

So after work, I found my way there and as it was still peak hour, finding parking was a bit tough. After making a few rounds, manage to find one finally, then walked to the lot and up the stairs to level 2 (didn’t bother to wait for the lift as it is a bit slow). 

I was greeted by a very friendly receptionist. After telling him the package that I want, he then proceeded to ask me to scan my temperature plus MySejahtera and show me the way to the washroom, in case I needed to go. Then I was assigned to my treatment room which has three compartments that are separated by curtains. But the first thing that strikes me was the massage table. It does look bigger than usual. I do think it is custom made with a mattress being attached to a frame. It was very comfortable (the thickness of the mattress contribute to this).


The therapist started the session with a quick palm presses over a towel. This routine was much shorter than what I have experienced at other places. Then he went straight to work on my lower back. He used a lot of trigger point and deep tissue therapy techniques. He has very good strength and he also tackled on areas like the mid gluteus and teres muscle which not many therapist work on. A plus point for me cos those are usually my sore points. If you are looking at a more relaxing base massage, then his technique may not be suited for you. His is more targeted and treatment based. I am unsure how well his hand can feel cos there was not much conversation between us. But I know he definitely hit on a lot of the points that I would like my therapist to work on when I go for a massage. 

Flow wise, on prone, he worked from my lower back to the gluteus, even on the sacrum. Then he continued with mid / upper back, shoulder / neck before working on my leg. After that whole routine is finished, instead of supine (face up), he asked for side lying position where he worked more on the shoulder and the neck muscles. It is a bit special in that sense cos not many places that I go to ask for side lying. Plus, it requires slightly different technique to be working with side lying client.

However, I was not ask to lie on supine after the both side lying positions. The session finished immediately after that. This part was a bit strange for me cos I thought it would finish with me seated up at least. Plus, one of the reason why we therapist will work a bit more while the client is seated so to regulate back the circulation to normal before they get up immediately and start wearing their clothes. Without the seated position, it does feel a bit abrupt for me. 


The aircond throughout was quite cold though. But the therapist also did ask me how is everything off and on during the treatment. He did check and I could have asked him to adjust the temperature but I didn’t since I am only going to be there for 60 mins. Then, the music level played was at a good volume and they chose suitable music genre as well. I would certainly want to come back and try different therapist for their skill. And generally, I am happy with what I experienced today too.  

– They do have normal oil and aroma oil which is slightly different in price. You may bring your own oil as well. 
– Mainly Chinese speaking therapist but they can converse in Bahasa and English as well.
– The strength used may be a bit too much if you don’t go for massage often. Be sure to communicate with your therapist. 

– Good treatment massage especially if you want to relieve some muscle aches. Good rates too.
– A very friendly team of therapist 

– Wish they have a small rack to put personal belonging (they just have cloth hangar).
– Do feel the ending is a bit abrupt. 


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