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1. Please do share about your background in a nutshell.

Beside being a massage therapist, I’m also a massage therapy trainer, health coach and essential oil specialist, for as long as I can remember. 

2. Do you have a preferred massage modality? Any reason for that?

Sports massage and Aromatherapy massage.

I like to combine these two modalities plus with the usage of the right essential oils for the right conditions to increase the effectiveness of my massage.  

A lot of people have the misconception that aromatherapy massage is just about using a nice smelling oil to massage on our body. That could be one of it but an effective session of an aromatherapy massage will incorporates the understanding of client conditions, the understanding of what and how different essential oils may effect the client conditions and then using the chosen essential oils for the treatment; not only to be used in the massage oil but may be for diffusing purposes as well. And plus with the right sport massage techniques, it can certainly amplify the treatment rendered. 


3. What is the weirdest request you ever get from a client before, during or after a session?  

I don’t think I’ve had a weird request. All my customers are referrals and they are pretty much well behaved. If there is any untoward request, I will surely show them the door. 😛

4. Let’s turn it the other way around, instead of client always requesting this and that from you, what would you request of your client when comes to massage? Or what is your one wish on customer if you are granted one?

Please do not cancel last minute. It is a loss of income for the therapist and the therapist surely will not be able to find a replacement. Moreover, it is also about the mutual respect between client – therapist and canceling last minute certainly does not nurture a good relationship with your therapist. 

5. What is your advice or word of wisdom to aspiring massage therapist?

Touch as many people as you can to train your hand. You will not find one person who is identical to another regardless how similar they may be. Every body is unique. And don’t give up if you don’t feel as much as your other fellow therapists do. Just continue to practice and practice. 


6. Any other things you would like to share or add?

Massage therapy is a great way to maintain your physical and mental wellbeing. And it can be done as often as once a week, just like how some chose to go gym, spend time on their hobby or join a skill based activity to rejuvenate or to keep yourself in-check regularly.  

7. Where can one get in touch with you for your services?

0128821975 (no prank call please and for serious client only). And if you would like to take up course to learn more about massage therapy or essential oils, I will be happy to point you in the right direction.  


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