What is Sports Massage?

By Ian Chow, Certified Massage Therapist / Infant Massage Instructor / Oncology Massage Trainer

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Do you know: Muscles make up about 40 percent of your total body weight

Sports massage is a type of treatment massage with manual manipulation of muscles for person who may have a physically demanding regime or activity e.g. sports / e-sports / athletic games / hobbies / work-outs etc.  Contrary to believe, despite the word “sport” in its name, it is not meant only for athletes or sports person. If you work in an environment or a job that may have high ergonomic risk, sport massage is also suitable for you.

The massage will take into consideration the effect of the activities that you are doing and how it effect on different parts of your body particular on certain joints, muscle, tendons / ligaments and fascia. Assessment via palpation and Q&A will be done before (and after) the massage and treatment is then tailor made accordingly. The massage is focused and targeted to the dysfunction area(s).

Do you know: Your body contains more than 600 muscles.


Sports massage definitely aids recovery and alleviate pain. Beside tackling on the problematic area in your body, just like any massage, this modality of massage can also be relaxing by ironing out the tension areas and improving your mood (with hormones such as serotonin, oxytocin and endorphin released). This in return may also improve your sleep cycle.

With the injury being looked into, it certainly does improve and support your performance in the said activity / sport. Not forgetting, it can increase your range of motion and flexibility. Sports massage can also be as a form of warm up and this in return prevent potential injury or lessen the risk.

Do you know: The largest muscle in the body is the gluteus maximus, the smallest is in your ear, stapedius muscle.


While sports massage typically does not hurt, you may experience some form of discomfort and tenderness in certain part, especially when work are done on areas that are already injured, ached or tight. Even after the massage, you may still feel some form of soreness a day or two after.

If you are looking for a sports massage therapist or to understand more about it, do get in touch with me.

After: Vocalist X Massage


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