Yellow Spa [Review]

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Outlet: Taman Tun Dr Ismail

Service tried: Full aromatherapy body massage

Last visit: July 2018

Yellow Spa is created to be different from the traditional Day Spa’s; it’s a blend of good music, modern ambience, great product by experienced therapists.


Cleanliness 4 / 5
Customer service 4 / 5
Skill 4 / 5
Facility 4 / 5
Ambience 4.5 / 5

This outlet indeed has the most quirky yet unique concept and interior design that I have come across among all massage outlets that I have been before. It uses a lot of yellow in its design in line with the name, from the reception area to drink counter to wall painting and even the slippers that they provide.

From the moment you reach Level 3, you will then come across this zen walkway and no doubt, you know you have reach the right place especially once you hear the music with the nice aromatic smell (they are situated above Hero Market which is also near to the TTDI MRT station) . At the walkway, you will also come across a shoe rack to place your shoe (obviously) as well as choosing your own pair of yellow slipper.

After stating the treatment that I wanted, not long after I was given a pail of luke warm water for my foot bath (I do prefer it to be slightly warmer though). Then the therapist asked me whether I want to top up the package and add on essential oil. I forgot to bring my own oil today and the sucker in me fell for it.


This place do offer facial services too hence they have an area for that and another area for massage (the massage room do look similar to rooms in other mid range massage / spa outlet; something in me did wish that they follow the yellow theme in its design too). But then again, too much yellow can project a sickly feeling so maybe they decided not to have that in the treatment area.

The therapist who attended to me (a local hailing from East Malaysia) is the biggest (in size) therapist I have ever experienced. (No offense intended but any therapists or regulars to massages would know that a big size therapist do have their limitation in performing their duty). However, she has definitely proved me wrong in that regards. Her massage technique reminds me of a Balinese massage that I experienced recently, a lot of palm and arm, broad presses and pushes coupled with some gentle stretches. But what strikes me the most is her near-to-perfect massage rhythm with uninterrupted flow; very spot-on when to exert more force, when to relax a bit then go at it again, starting with the leg, moving to the body then neck and scalp before turning to my front to work on the leg, hand, scalp, upper chest and face.

Despite having a structure like any typical massage that I have experienced, it is the flow that is smooth and seamless when she go from one part of the body to another that makes her skill stands out. She definitely has one of the better draping technique that I have seen in many other therapist (the drape that they used was very suitable as well in its length and thickness). Plus, their bed is very comfortable and good in size. Throughout the session, she was very communicative asking me about her strength and whether the room temperature was ok. (If you [my therapist] ever read this post, I must apologize if my earlier comment on your size do offend you but I must say, after the session, my hats off to you and I do mean all the compliments that I have stated here).


My only complain about the session due to my own personal preference is the usage of oil or rather using her still oily hand to work on my face and scalp. Very yucky feeling.  And after the session, I do hope that she will wipe my entire body or at least provide a hot towel so I can get rid of some of the oil rather than walking out and have this very “oily” feeling all over my body.

After the session, if you want, you can enjoy your tea at the yellow bar counter that they have while waiting to make payment.

It was a good experience overall and I do intend to go back to try their other services when the opportunity arises again.


-Do bring your own oil. No disposable underwear is provided unless you are doing body scrub. However you still need to wear you underwear while treatment is on going (can’t go naked). But with their good draping technique, going naked will certainly not be a challenge for the therapist, if they allow it…..anyway.

-Great massage with good flow in the therapist energy
-A very interesting interior design / concept. Indeed a welcoming change.
-Friendly therapist

-Chargeable essential oil
-Expensive parking with horrible parking space
-Oil used on scalp and face massage is a bit yucky


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