Bangkok Thai [Review]

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Length: 3.5 mins read (766 words)

Outlet: Sungai Chua, Kajang

Service tried: Body, head and shoulder massage

Last visit: January 2019

Cleanliness 1.5 / 5
Customer service 2 / 5
Skill 2.5 / 5
Facility 2.5 / 5
Ambience 2 / 5


It was my friend who recommended me this outlet actually. They were singing praises about the outlet on the quality of massage, cleanliness and the service. At one glance, it does look like a decent massage outlet with its bright yellow exterior and interior design. But I would think day time parking or even traffic could be a bit horrendous at where it is situated.

But, the moment when you were standing in front of the glass door and yet both the receptionist were very busy playing with the handphone and didn’t bother to unlock the door for you til you ring the bell, that kinda spells trouble.

Once I am in, the receptionist asked me to sit at a table nearby and brought me a slipper. He then proceeded to give me the menu and I chose 2 hours oil massage. He asked me whether male therapist is ok and I answered yes. I was then brought to the back of this big shop lot for foot scrub (yes, they actually do scrub your foot with a brush). The front portion was foot massage area with the middle as the body massage area (it has at least 12 compartment separated by curtain) and the back portion, foot scrub and toilets.


Right after, I was brought to my massage compartment and oh boy, that whole corridor stretch was just reek of foul urine smell. There is no point for me to change compartment since it is that entire corridor so being the massage trooper that I am, I just went with it. Then I noticed that there is no hangar to hang my cloths and not even a tray to put my cloths. Have to put it on the floor and the first mental image that came to my mind was, what if the floor has urine stain. Yuck!

Took off my cloths, lied down, put my head on the pillow hoping that the pillow smell will get rid of the urine smell, only to be interrupted by the therapist wanting to explain to me and convince me to take up the 90 mins package that also uses this special balm the use. The price is the same but he was quite hard sell on this particular package. I guess, this is one way to maximize the yield by doing a 90 mins rather than 120 mins but yet gain the same amount of income. I went with the 90 mins also wanting to find out what special balm they are using. my only hope was all this was done during the choosing of package and not now when I want to get in the mood to be massaged.


The massage is of a very standard Thai oil massage for those of you who are familiar. It is not spectacular compare to some standard out there but definitely is decent. Here, he used more of the palm and less of the arm and elbow for the strokes. It start with dry presses with the towel on and then move on to actual leg massage, back then turn forward and continue with leg, hand and chest / tummy; all of which are with oil. To be honest, I don’t feel much of a difference with the balm. I was expecting it to be ala camphor balm but it feel very much like any ordinary oil.

After the massage has ended, i was offered a tea and as I was heading to pay, the therapist shamelessly and openly ask me for a tip. This is certainly my first encounter of therapist asking for a tip after so many years of going for massage. We generally do not have tipping culture but having said that, I don’t actually mind to tip if the service and place was good.


– If it wasn’t because of the heavy urine smell as well as the therapist asking for tip, this outlet will certainly be worth a visit
– You need not wear anything during the session but on the other hand, you also have to put all your cloths on the floor (hygiene issue here once again)
– With the pricing, can certainly find outlets that are on par and could be cheaper too.

– None

– Urine smell (yuck! Yuck! Yuck!)
– First outlet and brand that I came across therapist asking for tip openly.
– Average customer service


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