Derek – The Soulful Touch [Review]

Length: 5.5 mins read (1180 words)

Outlet: Puchong, Selangor (Also travel regularly to Singapore, Korea and Japan)

Service tried: 90 mins full body massage

Last visit: Dec 2021

A qualified male therapist specialising in Japanese Aromatic Deep Tissue Massage and able to customise and tailor the session to provide the results you are seeking. I invite you to experience the benefits of this treatment which will help you recharge, relax and enjoy your time with me.


Cleanliness 4.5 / 5
Customer service 4.5 / 5
Skill 5 / 5
Facility 4 / 5
Ambience 3 / 5

With the current pandemic and previously the MCO, I started to discover more and more individual therapist. Derek was recommended to me by another therapist friend, Joe. Derek operates quite near to where I am at occasionally, so it is a good location for me. As his schedule is quite packed, you may want to get in touch with him 3 to 7 days prior to your booking.

My first encounter with him via whatsapp, he came across to me as a mild manner individual. We had a few brief exchanges and he was courteous and professional in how he handled himself. Meanwhile, his reply to my enquiry was prompt and spot on too.


I did get to meet him by chance slightly earlier hence in that brief meeting, he kinda started the treatment by firstly observing my posture similar to when you are attending a full sport injury massage or physiotherapy session. From there, he asked me to then lie prone so he can start to palpate my body. This is a bit unusual for a therapist to do (very few do that as well) but yet this do require a certain amount of skill to be able to feel, absorb all the information that the client’s body is telling the therapist and subsequently, device out a treatment plan.

On the actual appointment, indeed, he did live up to what I imagined him to be, friendly and very approachable. The unit he is operating from is basic but suffice. The treatment room is a small cosy room with a bathroom at the next door. You can take a bath before or after; no rush and you can take your time too.

With covid, after every customer, he does need approximately 30 mins to sanitise the treatment area and turnover the space. He also does take temperature of his client before proceeding to the treatment room.


Over the years, he basically developed and evolved his own signature treatment, “Japanese Aromatic Deep Tissue Massage” in which he is proficient and does combine his knowledge on shiatsu, deep tissue massage and sport injury massage into the routine. And having said that, his routine does change according to his palpation earlier on.

With Japanese traditional instrumental music playing at the background, he started the session by using finger pressure on Meridien points or for me, what I felt more is him going through the muscle in each specific body part from the origin to its insertion, top to bottom. In my session, as he feels my dysfunction is more on the upper body, he didn’t spend too much time on the lower limb (not a priority for this session). (For information, shiatsu techniques do work a lot with the body Qi, restoring its balance, reenergising or getting rid of the positive / negative Qi respectively)

During these portion, he also tackled and adjusted my joint subtly but yet with enough work (or force) to provide it with more mobility. And I am a strong believer that mobility is life and at least for me, that is one main ultimate goal of any massage treatment that I receive or give.


Then, the session continued with oil in which he now uses a lot of long gliding stroke with finger, palm and occasional forearm. Even though he worked from top to bottom, judging on how he approached my left and right side, his strength and stroke direction also changes accordingly depending on which muscles need more work. And with oil, his stroke mostly go with the muscle fibers or he will put an inhibition point to a muscle and then react according to its pull on the body posture.

Before the session, he did kinda pre-warn me that he will be working with every inch of my body. And that is indeed very very true. Certain part you will feel sensuous, certain part with soreness, certain part with extreme pain and then some with relieve after a while. But, if at anytime you feel it is invasive or not ethically right for you, you can also tell him immediately so he can adjust or avoid. He does treat one with a lot respect in the way he performed the session…guess, his constant communication with the client do help so there is no unwarranted surprises.


Most of my session was spent on prone with a shorter time on supine in which he worked a bit on the chest, rib, stomach and upper thigh. As usual, my upper thigh especially the femoral triangle area (plus this time round the hamstrings, sigh) are always a killer and it is no different this time round. I was practically in so much pain til I was grabbing and squeezing his arm pretty hard towards the end. (Sorry Derek…lol).

Once the session ended, he asked me whether I would like tea or water. Actually even at the beginning of the session, he did offer too.

Oh! He also did a HVLA technique on my thoracic which I felt very good.
(HVLA: A rapid therapeutic force of a brief duration over a short distance within the anatomic range of motion in that particular joint, but over the restrictive barrier)

Update (Dec 2021): After the 3 MCOs, went back to Derek for a treatment massage and he does not disappoint. Skill is still as good as before. Also tried his hotstone massage which is not really my cup of tea. Guess I still very much prefer his hands-on, no tool approach.


– Do give at least 3 to 5 days prior notice to book him due to his packed schedule. At times, waiting list can be up to a week or more.
– Massage can really can be painful for areas that you have dysfunction, in which you can tell him to adjust his strength accordingly. Certain motion can also be somewhat sensual and very relaxing. Keypoint, always communicate with your therapist.
– He does extend his treatment to women and children as well

– Has very superior skill and technique in doing the treatment. Possibly one of the best therapist I have encountered in this many years.
– A therapist with good demeanour
– The drapes used were warmed up towel. So you do feel very comfy in that air-conditioned room.

– If I need to nitpick, location may not be friendly to some.
– Like any incall individual therapist, you may not get the ambience from the moment you step into the house. It is more when you step into the treatment area.


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