Urut Wanita & Lelaki Kajang [Review]

Length: 3 mins read (689 words)

Outlet: Prima Saujana, Kajang

Service tried: 90 Mins full body massage

Last visit: September 2021



Cleanliness 3 / 5
Customer service 3.5 / 5
Skill 2 / 5
Facility 3 / 5
Ambience 2 / 5

This will be my first massage for the past many months. This place wasn’t too far from where I stay. Upon enquiring, I got an immediate reply with all the necessary information. I did ask further with regards to the therapist Covid vaccination status and whether do they wear mask while doing the session, in which the person in charge replied back very politely to assure me of their health status. Once I confirm the appointment, I was sent the direction / map on how to get to their place.

When you are at the outlet, there is really nothing to shout about with regards to the facade and interior of this place. It is a shop lot at first level that is converted into a massage outlet. There is a living room (waiting area) and immediately a few other compartments which I suppose are the various treatment areas. It also look as though that the therapists may be living in here as well (but I may be wrong). There is privacy in the treatment area but as it is mostly partitioned by cloth, it is hard to have a serene environment as you do hear people talking and walking about. There is no music to drown out the noises as well.


As it is a Malay traditional massage, it is done on a mattress on the floor which of course, my head / neck position is always a bugbear especially while wearing double mask. It does get uncomfortable after a while, more so than before. The therapist started off the session on the sole of my foot which I find it very comforting. She certainly has the thumb strength. She uses mainly thumb stroke and circular motion with the other fingers. But that is also the bad news of the session because that is all there is in terms of the technique. It is certainly lacking in her approach and after a while, it feels like you are being scrubbed and rubbed vigorously.

One other thing that do bother me is all her stroke directions are not heart intent. I am unsure of this choice of hers. I have been to other Malay traditional massages and the stroke is heart intent. Could it be a lack of knowledge and the necessary skill? I didn’t ask and I just leave it since it does not cause an adverse effect on me (just won’t be able to reap the massage benefit completely).

Sequence wise, after the sole of the foot, she worked on the leg and then my back / shoulder / neck to my hand. On supine, she started on the leg then went on to stomach / chest and she ended on the sole of my foot again. But towards the end, I think she must have forgotten that she actually has done my left foot so she did it twice. She does have a nice sequence and flow on how she approaches the session. It is really a shame that her general competence is not that great.


On the other hand, that was how the massage ended, on the sole of my foot in which she then just abruptly inform me that the massage has ended. Hmm….

– The therapists are fully vaccinated and will show the digital cert as well. And she does wear mask while doing the massage and sanitize her hand before it begins.
– I honestly do think the therapist has potential and will be an even better therapist if given the right training.
– Either my skin was very dry and absorb the oil or perhaps her oil application skill is also lackluster as there are way too many times that she has to top up her oil on one body part alone

– It is a good used of her strength
– Very prompt and friendly reply on whatsapp

– Lack of finesse and the technique left much to be desired.


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