Therapeutic Touch (Oncologist Massage) by Chandrika P. Choo

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Note: Chandrika Puventhran has passed away peacefully on 23rd Sept 2022. Currently, I am honoured to be one of her torch bearer in continuing her legacy in oncology massage.

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This is not a review post but rather a public service announcement that we do have this service available in Malaysia. Therapists who specialize in this modality of massage will have a fair amount of knowledge in anatomy, physiology as well as pathology of cancer.

Dr Chandrika P. Choo has been a massage therapist specializing in oncologist (cancer) massage since 2011. “Oncologist massage aims to deliver comfort and relaxation through touch and largely aims at pressure scales to connect the body and mind in a reciprocate manner in order to improve local musculoskeletal symptoms, mood state and pain threshold. Here, displacement of pressure includes skin, fascia, muscle, blood vessel, nerves, joint and bone.  However the above pressure scale is not an absolute quantification of massage pressure; because pressure is subjective, it is delivered differently by different therapists according the client condition.”


I came across Chandrika via attending the basic oncologist massage course co-organised by her and another senior therapist, Ms Mei Ng back in May 2020. It was facilitated by her goodself and I am astounded by her knowledge in this field. She is also humble, understanding and someone who is full of compassionate. It is not a patient or client whom she is rendering her service to but she sees each and everyone of them as a friend.

If you are an existing massage therapist and would like to venture into this field, she does have regular workshops as well.

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