Chandrika Puventhran

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Note: Chandrika Puventhran has passed away peacefully on 23rd Sept 2022. Currently, I am honoured to be one of her torch bearer in continuing her legacy in oncology massage.

1. Please do share about your background in a nutshell.

It was serendipity. The massage therapy profession in Oncology Massage choose me due to a personal loss of a loved one to Cancer. This personal experience made me more receptive and be aware especially with clients / patients or even caregivers in going through various stages of cancer.

2. Do you have a preferred massage modality? Any reason for that?

Swedish Massage is perfect healing touch modality especially for Oncology in my personal experience due to its long strokes which can vary in pressure as required. It resonates well for the mind, body and spirit needs.

3. What is the weirdest request you ever get from a client before, during or after a session?  

I can’t really relate to ‘weird’ request perhaps due to nature of my clientele.  However, I have been asked with hope if Oncology Massage can heal them of Cancer.


4. Let’s turn it the other way around, instead of client always requesting this and that from you, what would you request of your client when comes to massage? Or what is your one wish on customer if you are granted one?

Always – my deepest hope will be that I have made or tried my best to make a profound difference in a client / patient each time we have an appointment or a session.

5. What is your advise or word of wisdom to aspiring massage therapist?

Touch is healing regardless whether it is catering to the physical or psychological need of a person.  When we are gifted to use our hands, let’s do it beyond gender, without us being judgmental, plus, be holistic in our unique service.

6. Any other things you would like to share or add?

I hope Malaysian and Ministry of Health (MOH) will encourage and embrace more massage therapist in the hospitals and recognize their therapeutic abilities as a specialized complementary therapy.    

7. Where can one get in touch with you for your services?



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