aromann Male Therapy and Spa [Review]

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Outlet: Solaris Dutamas

Service tried: 1 hour massage, butt facial, manhood massage (urut batin)

Last visit: February 2019

“aromann (Body Bar Spa ) has been in operation since June 2007 and is licensed by the relevant authorities in Malaysia , Kuala Lumpur , Bukit Bintang and Mont Kiara to operate as all Male Massage therapy Spa. We are the specialists in Male Masssge therapy in Kuala Lumpur Bukit Bintang and Mont Kiara.

All our therapists are male and are trained to provide the best male massage services possible.


Cleanliness 4 / 5
Customer service 3 / 5
Skill 3.5 / 5
Facility 4 / 5
Ambience 3.5 / 5

When I was scouting for my first waxing service, this brand did cross my mind and in fact was part of my shortlist. But I have never tried them until now where the Chinese New Year promo caught my attention. I didn’t do any waxing service for this time round but I did a few of their other services.

Initially I did book for their facial service too but that is not available. The therapist did try to call me to inform me over the weekend but I didn’t pick up the phone so only found out when I was there. I was quite looking forward to it actually. Also to note, they now have a much user friendly online booking system (or you can just call them to make appointment). It is advisable that you don’t walk -in because they do not seems to have therapist on standby…..possibly work by appointment.


Once I was brought into the room, the therapist asked me to take off everything and lie down. After a while, he then came in and asked me whether am I from Singapore in which I answered “no”. He then started the massage and there wasn’t a word or question from him after. I did wish that he take the trouble to ask how I like the massage strength, am I comfortable, am I cold etc but nothing.

On the other hand, the 1 hour massage was pretty relaxing and certainly does its job with broad strokes primarily followed by palm presses and squeezes as well as kneading. I do enjoy his kneading especially. The amount of pressure is right. Structure wise, on prone, he started with the leg first and then slowly move up to the back and shoulder. He didn’t massage the hand and neither am I asked to turn over. Soon after, he moved on to the butt facial.

To be very honest, I didn’t know such service as butt facial did exist. And when I read up about it, this is quite a common service in USA. Here, this is the first brand that I came across that offer this service. I signed up for it mainly due to curiosity. So, before the treatment, he dab and massage my buttock with a warm lavender scented towel. He then goes on to the typical step that one would find for face facial; cleansing, scrubbing, masking and finally moisturizing. I did wish he would take a bit of time to explain the procedure or the items used cos this is definitely an eye opener for many. But, he kept quiet throughout.


After the facial, finally moved on to the last massage, the manhood massage. This is the second brand that I experienced a proper manhood massage. For here, the area of massage mainly concentrate on the inner thigh as well as perineum area with a bit on the penis and scrotum. But the strength is definitely a killer which is quite excruciating for me. I am not expecting him to caress me but I do think that it was too hard especially on the thigh area. I was contracting my muscle hard most of the time due to the pain.

I did tell the therapist that it was very painful but he said he needed to increase the blood flow and testosterone and continued on. I don’t think I will try the manhood massage the next time around but I certainly want to try the different type of massages that they offer.


– You likely will be asked to be naked throughout the massage (regardless of which package). If you are really shy, you need to wear your own underwear as there is no disposable one provided

– Good massage with one of a kind butt facial service.

– A bit more communication from the therapist will definitely do some good.


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6 thoughts on “aromann Male Therapy and Spa [Review]”

  1. Hi Ian,

    You should try this individual massage therapist called Johan. He lives in Pandan Indah. I’ve been going to him for a few times now. He’s quite mature but his skills are very praiseworthy. He has about 20 years of experience working at a massage parlour before going out on his own. He operates now from his house and the ambience is really relaxing too with a proper massage table and relaxing music. With only RM100, he’ll also provide manhood therapy too. Here’s his number if you’d like to try him out 017 223 6473. Let me know what you think!


  2. as usual, a repeat customer coming back with an Unsatisfy Experienced.
    Like any other repeat customers, this is the 4th- time(fourth) I came back and the 1st- 3(three) was pretty satisfied and happy with the overall experiences, massage service and the masseurs itself…..until Today the 13th Dec 2021 Monday at 2pm I book for a 1hour and 30 mins Manhood massages and another 30 mins Aromann Top Massage Total RM265 under Promotion! the masseur initially I book online is with Babu but I decided to try another masseur instead named Halim upon arrival and as they said “NEVER judged a Book by its COVER”, Halim he’s tall handsome and Fit looking like 6- pack but his massages are terrible, pain and not Worthy he keeps rubbing me in- pain like “Milking a Cow” very Rough, previously Babu or Fathir even through they are NOT as muscular, tall and handsome 6- pack as “Halim” but their massages skills are Amazing, warmth, soft and comfortable just make you want to fall asleep and come back AGAIN. So Lessons learnt “NEVER judged a BOOK by its COVER” and NEVER changed your OWN Masseurs unless their skills had CHANGED so will I come back again- Sure, YES but will I pay another RM265 massages services with HALIM, Sure NO!


  3. Hi there!

    What a review to read for. A lot of useful information that I may want to try their waxing services soon.

    Does all aromann therapist are Malaysian?


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