Ayu Borneo [Review]

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Outlet: Sungai Chua, Kajang

Service tried: 90 mins Malaysia Signature Massage, 120 mins oil massage

Last visit: June 2022

Ayu Borneo Family Wellness Centre specialises in its signature Urutan Malaysia (The Malaysian Signature Massage), authentic Thai Massage and a series of customised health and wellness treatments, all delivered with care and professionalism. Website: https://www.facebook.com/ayuborneomalaysia/


Cleanliness 4.5 / 5
Customer service 4 / 5
Skill 4.5 / 5
Facility 4 / 5
Ambience 4 / 5

This place used to be Healthland but now after pandemic, it became Ayu Borneo. The Ayu Borneo brand seems to bloom recently as well. I am unsure whether these two brands (Healthland with Ayu Borneo) are related. I asked the receptionist but he said it isn’t. However, I can’t help to notice there are a lot of similarity in their mode of operation.

This would be my first time visit to a chain establishment after the lockdown and that would also mean they follow strict SOP as per guideline given by MKN by wearing glove to massage. The sensation is odd at the beginning as though you are being massage by a coarse hand but after a while, your skin will get use to that sensation. Honestly, I don’t understand the existent of this clause in the SOP but we shall not dwell in that for now.

Throughout the massage, I cannot help but to ask myself, what exactly is “Malaysia Signature massage”. What is our trademark and specialty? Or what is the unique selling point of this massage? And one reason I kept on asking this was, I felt the entire routine done by the therapist is very similar to what I experienced before at Healthland with their Thai massage (oil).


I don’t have any question or doubt on the therapist skill. In fact, I feel she did a great job and her massage skill is excellent. How she uses her body dynamic to lend strength to her petite body frame and how she conducted the whole routine demonstrated that she has many years under her belt or have been given a very good training.

The routine started with foot bath and then she brought me to the treatment room to change into the disposable underwear. Then, the routine started with palm presses and elbow point over a towel before heading to the oil portion to work on the back, hand then leg (in this sequence). There was a lot of broad strokes, kneading coupled with elbow techniques during the oil portion. On supine, she continues working on the leg and neck before the last seated portion. During here, she carry on working on my neck and a bit of my back. I really feel she has good skill. Finally, the massage ended with stretching techniques that are exactly like a Thai oil massage.


When the session ended, my body feels great. My usual lower back issue is relieved (until such time my posture and my work risk cause the pain again). It is no doubt a great massage session . However, like my opening, what is the identity of “Malaysia signature massage”? In my personal opinion, I feel it is a misbranding.

Update (June 2022): This time round, courtesy of Ayu Borneo, I took a 2 hours oil massage. One immediate thing that I am glad that took place is the therapist no longer wears rubber glove which was a SOP I felt is unnecessary in the first place. However, be rest assured that they still keep a good hygiene level. Also, the therapist doesn’t wear face shield anymore but do wear mask which I feel it is sufficient and less suffocating for the therapist.

The oil massage do come together with hot stone massage. I didn’t expect this sequence and it was very well done. The therapist has great use of her body strength that provide great pressure with the use of her thumb. She has a slight different routine than what I experienced prior to this, with a lot of arm stroke use. She also work a fair bit on my mid gluts and teres /infraspinatus which I appreciate.

– You do have to pay extra for the aromatherapy oil and being a doTERRA user, I can’t help but to feel this a bit not necessary but yet I am too polite to decline. LOL
– You can’t take off everything and have to wear their disposable underwear.

– Great price especially happy hours, just like Healthland promo strategy
– Therapist has great skill

– What exactly is ” Malaysian Signature Massage?”
– The separator curtain is always open a bit which passersby can look in. I feel that I don’t have that 100% privacy (maybe it is a way for them to ensure no hanky panky)


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