KL Valley [Review]

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Outlet: TTDI, Kuala Lumpur

Service tried: Full body massage, neck and shoulder massage, foot reflexology, cupping, guasa

Last visit: May 2022

Cleanliness 3.5/ 5
Customer service 4 / 5
Skill 4 / 5
Facility 3 / 5
Ambience 3 / 5


No matter what day or time you come, you will not likely to be turned away because they really have a lot of therapist to cater to the demand. The therapist are all from China. Hence the massage technique are mainly pressure point based (acupressure) with very little oil used especially at the back, shoulder and neck. But for foot and hand, it will be oil based. During off peak time, you may see a lot of them just seated at the reception area waiting for the next customer. At times, the chatter between therapist can also be a bit distracting while you are trying to enjoy your session.

This outlet actually have two floors and the upper level is definitely quieter and more spacious compared to the ground level; in which sometimes the therapist tends to bump into each other due to the massage beds that are pretty close to one another. All beds are mainly only separated by curtain save for a few couple beds which may have board partition.


After so many years of frequenting this outlet, I do have two preferred therapist which they are identified by number (kinda hate that system, always prefers to book and address them by their name). However, I have tried many others different therapist and their skill are certainly very identical…very good quality control. I found out that they have to go to their HQ for training about a month and then, they can proceed to do foot reflex as a starter and slowly move on to the more complicated one i.e. full body massage.

For full body massage, they will always start at the same place (neck) with same technique and slowly working down to the sole area. You then turn over in which they will dim the light and they will now work on your leg to hand, head and finally, face (no eye mask provided). The strength can definitely be tailored to your liking and they do ask you frequently whether you are ok. But communication could be a problem for non-mandarin speaker. Sometimes, if i happen to overhear, i do help them to translate.


This is one of the place that provide good guasa and cupping service which is inclusive in the package. Some places do have to pay extra for such service. After the cupping, they do massage at the cup point to push out the “wind” from your body. If you do feel itchy at that particular part, according to them, it is because you have a lot of wind in that area.

At the end, they will always see you out and offer a cup of tea when the session finishes. They do not take your shoes for you which i am totally ok but they do have shoe compartment where you can safely put your shoe in.

Update: If you have extra cash to spend and rushing for time, you may also engage two therapists at the same time (4 hands massage, i tried and it is pretty satisfying). One of them will work on your upper body and the other on lower body at the same time. Structure and technique wise, it is the same. But instead of 2 hours or 90 mins spread throughout your body, now you will get full 2 hours or 90 mins on your upper body and at the same time, the same amount of time on your lower body.


Update II: Been there after MCO (Sept 2020, March 2021) and their quality of treatment is the same but with health precaution taken. No doubt there are not as many patron as before but they do follow SOP stipulated by government. Also due to poorer business, they are now shrinking their staff force. You may want to make prior appointment especially during the weekend.

Update III (May 2022): Sadly all their therapist from China is no longer around and it is now done by therapist from Myanmar. However the good thing is, in terms of technique, it is all very much the same as before.

-Male therapist can cater to both male and female client and same goes to female therapist.
-You are allowed to go completely naked for the massage without having to wear the short pants that they provide.
-You may bring your own oil and face towel for the bed as well.

-Good consistent skill with reasonable price. And with cupping and guasa throw in, that is even better.

-If you do not know mandarin, communication is definitely a problem. Even when you know mandarin, it could still be a problem due to the slang.
-Til date, I have not seen them having any happy hour price or run any sort of promotion.
-Initial persistent up selling can be irritating (but after being a regular, they do know what I want and never ask me to add more hours or other services)


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