Caring Blind Massage [Review]

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Length: 2.5 mins read (388 words)

Outlet: Taipan USJ, Subang

Service tried: Full body massage

Last visit: September 2018

Cleanliness 4 / 5
Customer service 4 / 5
Skill 3 / 5
Facility 2.5 / 5
Ambience 2.5 / 5


This is really a no frill massage outlet situated at the heart of Subang Jaya (Taipan) run by the blind community. It has very simple facility and interior design but does come with good service. With brand like this, the experience of the therapists do vary accordingly. However, whether it is a hit or miss, I can’t tell yet because I have not frequent this outlet enough.

Before the session begins, the therapist first question to me was “what happened?”. I was a bit surprised and definitely caught off guard cos this is definitely not a norm for me. I did not know what to say exactly, I just answered him back very calmly and seriously, “nothing happened, everything is ok.” At the same time, I was thinking how weird that question was and what was his intention. Thinking back now, I think his intention was to find out whether do I have any area that need special attention or whether am i suffering from any form of injury, similar to what they do with sports massage before they begin. Perhaps, he specialization was in sports massage.


Overall, I did enjoy my session though. The technique variation is a bit lacking but the right strength used compensate for the lack of technique. The entire session mainly uses thumb pushes (deep tissue massage similar to the chinese “tit”tar”massage technique). And if his specialisation was indeed in sports massage, this could explain his technique as well. Prior to that, it started with palm presses on the back with towel on. Structure wise, it was pretty standard; from the back, the therapists then moved to the leg then when on the front, he started with the leg to hand and finally head.

-You can bring own oil and be completely free (naked) to enjoy the massage
– Just be aware that the therapists are visually impaired and it does come with some quirks like what I have stated before during my visit to other brands with similar nature.

-One of the cheapest massage around town

-The experience of therapist varies from one another


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