Shujin Therapy Zone [Review]

Length: 3.5 mins read (549 words)

Outlet: Brickfield Kuala Lumpur

Service tried: 60 mins full body massage

Last visit: March 2022

“Shu Jin Therapy Zone had been established and handle by Hasidi Hassan . The idea to open this treatment centre is to expand our business and become more success than others. We had working in several blind massage therapy centre before to build up our knowledge and experienced in this field. Hence, we feel very confidence to manage Shu Jin Therapy Zone with our own hand and try to give our customer the best possible treatment available.

Realizing the fact that each illness have different treatment technique, we had convey in several techniques such as Thai Massage and Malay Traditional Deep Tissue Massage. Application of these methods will be make in certain rhythm to revitalize and harmonize to ensure the body in balance condition. Reconditioning is capable in making the patient sleep better with less stress, radiant face and always cheerful.”


Cleanliness 4 / 5
Customer service 4 / 5
Skill 4 / 5
Facility 3 / 5
Ambience 3 / 5

– Once you walked in, you will be able to see the counter with their rates signboard on top. The treatment rooms are on their left.

– Clean and simple treatment room with no decoration. It does have proper clothes hanging racks. Also has a sliding door and curtain for privacy.

– The lighting is either too bright or pitch black.

– Massage is done with no accompanying music.

Prone: Start on the gluts then work on right lower back to right upper back then continue with left upper back, subsequently down to left lower back. Afterwards, it reverse, from left to right. (Just imagine him going on a “n” shape and then go astern)

After the main work on the back, he continued on the leg later moved back to the hand, shoulder and neck.

Side lying: Worked more on my gluts and did a HVLA technique on my lower back.

Supine: Started at the leg and finally I am seated for him to work on the shoulder trigger point

– Throughout this entire sequence, I can’t help but to feel a bit hap hazard. Doesn’t get the relaxed feeling.


– Thumb stroke with forearm glide and acupressure using elbow. Generally, he mostly focus on deep tissue work. Also incorporate two HVLA techniques for my lower back and foot.

– At certain portion while he was working on my back, I do feel that he was going a bit too hard especially on the lateral side of my upper back. You may want to ask him to go softer in strength as it may feel uncomfortable for many as the technique will be pressing on your ribcage.


Additional note
– You may bring your own oil and draping is not a strong point for this therapist.
– Do park at YMCA building as this will be the nearest parking to the outlet.
– If you read my other review on visually impaired therapist, you have to be a bit more understanding on some of the therapist quirks. Plus, I do still feel they are a community very worth supporting.

The therapist did a good job with my lower back pain.
Very affordable rates.

The entire sequence felt rushed and rough. Very much lacking of the finesse.


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