CWKL [Review]

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Outlet: Kajang

Service tried: 2 hours Full body massage

Last visit: April 2023

“Best Reflexology in Town. Suitable for whole family including children”


Cleanliness 4 / 5
Customer service 4 / 5
Skill 3.5 / 5
Facility 3 / 5
Ambience 3 / 5

If this outlet wasn’t near another place that I always frequent, I wouldn’t have discover it. Despite it being a legit outlet, the location where it is at certainly makes it look dingy. So, before heading there for the first time, I did some background check and notice that on their Facebook, there is always a heavy emphasis on no “extra” service offered and even on the shop front facade, they have a sticker written “original massage only”. Perhaps, they have more often than not prior to this, has been receiving a lot of extra service requests.

The therapist are all from Thai and the technique and style is certainly not much different than other Thai massage that I have experienced. A lot of broad stroke primarily with elbow, arm and knee. I do like how the stroke was done particularly at the back area. Structure wise, it will start from back to leg (while facing down) then leg, stomach, hand and head (while facing up). And in between sections, she would draw the towel for palm presses on the respective body parts and also to wipe off the oil. There is close to zero communication between the therapist and I even in asking whether the strength used are ok. It would have been nice if they asked because for the leg part, I definitely feel it is a bit too much strength and very point based (thumb pressure) at certain time rather than sweeping broad stroke or using palm pressure which is more in line with Thai massage style. 


But two unique points that I like about this particular outlet was the oil that they used,  camphor, which is similar to “tit tar” (Chinese traditional massage oil). Some may not prefer it cos it can create a cold-burning sensation. However, I have not seen any other brand or outlet that uses this type of oil for massage. Also, after the session, not only they serve you tea but also watermelon. Very unusual for a massage outlet…a small gesture but make them stands out.

The shoe rack is labeled with “boy” and “girl”, more so for the size of the slipper that you can choose rather than strict gender segregation policy. As soon as you enter the outlet, you will be greeted by friendly receptionist whom I think is also the owner (one Malaysian gentleman and a Thai lady). And from the conversation they had with the other customer, it seems this outlet’s customer demographic is very much from the surrounding neighborhood. 

The entire layout is extremely simple, almost to the point of what you see is what you get; first is the reception area / customer waiting space, then on the other side comes the feet washing area. After that, immediately, you will see 6 chairs lined up facing a tv mounted on a wall for foot massage with the body massage compartment at the left hand side. Washroom is on first level of the building. And on the way, can’t help to think that perhaps the therapist do stay at the outlet as well….. more economical and safer maybe.


If I have to nitpick, what I do dislike is for the body massage compartment, the curtain used is slightly too thin and it gives a feeling of lack of privacy. This does dampen the experience a bit. Through the curtain, I can see pretty clearly what people do at the foot reflex area although they may not be able to see in completely. The bed used are the massage mattress which at times a bit noisy when the therapist move around. Then again, generally, due to the outlet layout, there is very little sound proofing between one area to another. Even when you are at the far end of the outlet, you can still hear the reception area pretty clearly.

Update: After a few more times visiting this outlet and chat with the owner, i found out that the skill among the therapists do vary slightly. Generally, it is Thai oil based massage but the minute technique and experience of each therapist makes the difference. On another hand, the monetary percentage that the therapists get here are definitely higher than a lot of other outlets out there. His reasoning, he hopes the therapist will last longer and will not sway to the temptation of offering addition illegal service.


Update: Went there in October 2020 but it is still closed. But they have finally reopened in May 2022. Only two of the senior therapist are there.

-You can bring own oil as well but this is one of the outlet where I prefer to use their oil because it is unique
-I am sure you can go full naked but the privacy can be a hindrance.
-Location wise, it certainly not the best compared to some of the commercial brand out there. It does look a bit dodgy. In this instance, I felt it is a bit of a waste because quality wise, this outlet has a lot of potential. 

-Great price with good massage
-Oil used (is not everyone’s favourite but I certainly like it)

-Due to the layout and material used, privacy is not completely there. There is always a sense of vulnerability. 


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