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1. Please do share about your background in a nutshell.

I graduated from MMU with a Bachelor in Ecommerce. I am married and have 2 lovely daughters. I was born in KL, currently living and based in Seremban.

2. Do you have a preferred massage modality? Any reason for that?

I have learnt and do offer Thai / Swedish, Pre and Post Natal as well as Oncology massage. I currently only offer all my services to ladies.

I wanted to concentrate more on women as they go through major hormonal changes, body changes, and easier to be emotionally and physically tired too (especially for those going through their pregnancy, during and after delivery)
So I aim my massage to ease their pain, emotionally and physically.
Moreover, being a mother myself, I can totally relate to them❤

3. What is the weirdest request you ever get from a client before, during or after a session?  

None really.


4. Let’s turn it the other way around, instead of client always requesting this and that from you, what would you request of your client when comes to massage? Or what is your one wish on customer if you are granted one?

Please close your eyes, relax and have lesser conversation. And not forgetting, for your own good, please refrain yourself from using your handphone during the session.

5. What is your advice or word of wisdom to aspiring massage therapist?

You must love what you do and give it your all; never judge your clients based on their physical features. Everyone’s unique and deserve massage therapy.

6. Any other things you would like to share or add?

Massage heals the soul, not only physical. In many neuroscience researches, we can read and we know that the magic of touch goes beyond words.

7. Where can one get in touch with you for your services?

On FB, you can fine it at R33na’s Mobile Spa or Whatsapp (prefered) / call me at 019-951 2413. Also to reinforce, I only offer my services to ladies.


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