Jonathan Lee [Review]

Length: 4 mins read (817 words)

Outlet: Taman SEA, Selangor

Service tried: 90 mins Aromatherapy

Last visit: November 2022

Professional aromatherapy, massage and training by certified aromatherapy massage therapist.


Cleanliness 4.0 / 5
Customer service 4.5 / 5
Skill 4.0 / 5
Facility 4.0 / 5
Ambience 3.5 / 5

– Jonathan, a very welcoming individual, is another therapist whom I knew from the massage school that I was from. His treatment place is situated at a residential area. If you drive, you can park right in front of it.

– The treatment room (also where he sleeps) is clean and tidy. But, I can’t help but to think that his house and room has quite a lot of stuff. Good thing is the lighting in the room kinda mask that.

– Once I walked into the room, the music, the massage mat and the foot bath machine do slowly transfer me into the mood of getting a massage. Plus, later when he bring out his whole array of essential oils, that further adds to it. (His box of neatly packed essential oils is impressive)

– The massage music that he used, as soothing as it is, I have heard it a bit too many times as many other therapist also went for that particular track. But then again, this is just me being a bit picky with music.

Seated: The first 10 mins was foot bath in this machine that he has filled with warm water as well as 3 different essential oils which include ginger. During this segment, he has small talk to break the ice further.

Prone: The sequence started on the leg, a very short while on the glutes before working on my back, shoulder and neck. And once the sequence start, he didn’t have anymore chat with me which I appreciated very much.

Supine: The sequence once again begun on my leg then on stomach and chest (which I find his chest massage is very comfortable, with just the right amount of pressure), hand, neck and head.


– Before the session begins, he did ask me what I would like to achieve at the end which he then blended the massage oil accordingly (with his concoction of essential oils). He also asked me whether I prefer floral or citrus, in terms of its smell. Today I had a combo lavender, geranium, cedarwood and ylang ylang. I find this approach to aromatherapy unique and by right, how it should be done by all those who practice aromatherapy modality instead of just having the client to choose from existing oil blends.

– He used mainly effleurage (palm with occasional forearm) and petrissage with a very slow and steady rhythm. It has a very relaxing tempo. There was also significant amount of palm ironing and a bit of thumb stroke. Certain part like the back and hand also incorporated with feathering technique either at the beginning or the end.

– Very good draping technique and has very soothing and calming oil application technique.

– All his techniques were oil based except when he was working for a very little while on the glutes with palm sanding in circular motion. This choice was a bit odd for me (the only section without oil) and it does feel a bit jarring compared to the rest of the sections.

– I would like to describe his technique as nurturing and therapeutic. It used a lot of “gentle” work but indeed, does its job too. This was my first massage after I recovered from covid. I did have some body ache but after the session, I feel great. I would have love to see him do some work on sacrum but unfortunately he didn’t. Sacrum (in my believe and teaching), is a place that can hold a lot of emotions. With his technique and skill, I do feel the receiver can benefit immensely from his therapy.

– As much as I enjoy his gentle approach, I wish he would go much harder when working on the fingers and sole of foot (personal preference).


Additional notes
– He served me tea after the massage. Can’t make out what it is but certainly has a nice aroma to it.
– Beside aromatherapy, he also offer therapeutic massage which he said he works on slightly deeper layer of the muscles but still mainly with Swedish massage strokes.
– He does massage training and workshops pertaining to aromatherapy as well.
– I do feel that his flow will even be better if the entire session was done on a massage table.
– Therapist do ask all the necessary medical background questions prior to session begins and also will inform about the pressure.

– Therapist has in depth knowledge in aromatherapy. The tailor-made blend of massage oil according to customer objective and needs should be followed by all aromatherapy modality practitioners.
– Friendly and approachable, not forgetting, produces great therapeutic session.

– The choice of not incorporating work on the sacrum.


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