Thai Odyssey [Review]

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Outlet: Straits Quay Tanjung Bungah Penang, Atria Shopping Centre DJ, Tropicana City Mall PJ, IOI City Mall Putrajaya

Service tried: Full body aromatherapy, traditional thai massage, traditional foot massage

Last visit: July 2022

“Nurture your body and soul in a spa experience influenced by Thai holistic philosophy, enhanced with high performance therapists, natural and botanically derived products within a serene atmosphere inspired by Thai’s rich cultural heritage.

Thai Odyssey is dedicated to bringing your balance through a highly personalised experience with rituals that will awaken your senses. Immerse in the most authentic experiences from the land of a thousand smiles within the comfort of a relaxing, charming and spa-inspired environment.”


Cleanliness 4.5 / 5
Customer service 4.5 / 5
Skill 4.5 / 5
Facility 4.5 / 5
Ambience 5 / 5

Among all the commercial massage chain that I go to, Thai Odyssey is possibly the most zen. The whole ambience and environment is absolutely right and can hardly find any fault. And everyone working there from the receptionist to therapist is just so polite and gentle. Plus, an added customer service feature, they can easily track back your service record with just your handphone number or name. And talking about the bed or massage chair, I feel they have one of the best. It is very comfortable and fitting. On another note, all their therapist are from Thailand (so far, they are all female who attended to me and wonder whether they have any male therapist). From the reception area to the massage room, all the interior design are definitely well thought off. Plus with the music and aroma, it will set the mood right from the time you step into the outlet.


For the traditional foot massage, compared to foot reflexology, this is more gentle with the stroke and it covers all the way up to the knee (hence lesser time concentrated on the sole of the foot compared to reflexology). They also use an apparatus in poking the pressure point rather than using their finger. If you are looking at the traditional foot reflexology, then this is not really for you.

For the body massage (aromatherapy), similar to the foot massage, it is very gentle, oil based with broad sweeping stroke which makes me hard to distinguish it with another similar massage style. But if you go for the traditional one, Thai style is definitely unique. The traditional style reminds me a bit of my osteopathy session. Haha. You will be put in various position (while fully cloth) and be twisted and adjusted….you really have to relax and trust that you are in the good hand of your therapist to get the best out of the session. If you resist or tense too much, it will be quite hard for them to do their work. But at the end of the session, you surely will feel “lighter”.


Coming back to body massage (aromatherapy), as gentle as the stroke is, the therapist can adjust the strength accordingly and certain therapist even have the skill in using their knee in kneading instead of hand. Having said that, the technique is very similar from one therapist to another so despite having different therapist attending to me, you won’t feel short changed. The session will also always begin with a foot bath which I feel is a crucial part of a massage. The massage will begins with general pressure pressing from leg to neck while you are still covered in your towel and then continue with the therapist rubbing the oil on your back which then the main massage will take place. It then continues to your hand and leg before the therapist ask you to turn over. While face up, they will cover your eyes with lavender eye mask and they will then continue to work on your leg, hand, stomach, chest and face / head. As mentioned, they do use oil for majority of the massage except for the face / head area.

Update (July 2022): First time coming back to try them after the pandemic. The service and therapist skill is still very much up to par. Nothing less than what I have experienced prior to this. However, like I mentioned in my Healthland review, the therapist skill and flow between these two brands are extremely similar. Almost identical as though they are all graduated from the same massage school.


-You cannot use your own oil and neither can you go totally naked. There is disposable underwear that they do provide. They do have quite a number of oil for you to choose from.
-I always enjoy massage outlet that is room based (which they are) whenever you do full body massage rather than curtain partition. Plus with cozy lighting, it is another plus point.

-Great ambience and service (including keeping and bringing your shoe to you, foot bath, serving of tea before and after the session, greeting and seeing you out with a smile)
-Quality massage

-It does comes with a price for all good things.


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