Male Masseur Massage Services [Review]

Length: 3 mins read (618 words)

Outlet: Incall

Service tried: 120 Mins full body + Batin

Last visit: December 2021

MALE MASSEUR offering OUT CALL massage services in Klang Valley till KLIA. RM150 for 2 hours. Can Combined Reflexology, Oil, Malays Manhood Massage(BATIN).



Cleanliness 4.5 / 5
Customer service 4 / 5
Skill 4 / 5
Facility N/A
Ambience N/A

I am unsure whether he would like his name to be published hence I will refer the next therapist as “H” and you can find him under this FB main page name “Male Masseur Massage Services” (Or just click on the link above).

I found H while randomly Google for outcall therapist and subsequently communicated with him. He responded fast and appear to be friendly and cordial. With the questions that he asked, I can sensed that he is also careful to ensure that it was a genuine enquiry. 

H massage package is always 2 hours and the price is fair. I used my own oil which is meant more for muscle relieve oil blend. H technique generally uses a lot of oil as it is mainly effleurage or big circular motion with different rhythm. But after for 2 hours, the technique / feeling can get a bit overwhelming and towards the end of 2 hours, it certainly doesn’t feel as good as when it first started. 

He started the session with some simple palpation on my shoulder and back. He proceeded to asked me which part I wanted to concentrate on and I of course answered my lower back. 🙂


The routine (on prone) started on the leg, moving to the glutes and then the back. I do like the back and shoulder part especially on the infraspinatus muscle portion. While on supine, he started working on the hand then approach the body as a whole with firm palm sweep from leg to stomach to chest. He has good strength and know how to tackle on every part of your body which comes with his years of experience. Unfortunately like I first stated, his lack of variation in the technique is something that can be improved upon so as a receiver, I won’t feel as though my body is just being rubbed on throughout.  

Oh! While on prone, I do enjoy the head massage that focus a lot on the occipital points too. Just that, as it was done on a bed instead of the proper massage table, his strength tends to push the head downward too much where it can be a bit suffocating. 

During certain points in the massage he did ask about the pressure, explaining to me massage can be uncomfortable at times and asking me to scream out if pain and even demonstrated it (which I find it a bit weird but I do get where he is coming from, of not wanting me to tense up my body). 


I didn’t really enjoy the batin technique though as his school of thought was the “no pain no gain” type rather than those who cater to the pain threshold that the recipient can take. There was one sequence that got me a bit irritated too cos despite telling him that it was painful, he was still going at it and I had to said firmly for him to “stop”. And on the pubic bone that work on the root of the penis, I do feel he should have done it via a superior angle rather than posterior ( pressing it down). 

– You may use your own oil
– The service fee is excluding transportation charges and parking fee for the therapist.

– Friendly therapist that offer good service

– Lacking of technique and finesse. 


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