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When I first started this blog many years ago, I only have a little knowledge about massage skill even though I enjoy getting one very much. Fast forward to now, I am a certified massage therapist, a Certified Instructor for infant massage with the International Association of Infant Massage and oncology massage trainer in Malaysia.

I believe that massage therapy does bring direct health benefits besides for relaxation and leisure especially after a long stressful day or week. Massage does promote blood circulation, untie those hard knots in the muscle, improves on your mobility, reduces cortisol hormone (stress related hormone) etc. It is not merely a service or a birthday / anniversary gift. It can certainly assist in numerous areas including for those living with life limiting or degenerative conditions.

Doing the work that I do with massage therapy, it can helps to improve the quality of life in someone who is going through certain physical or mental conditions. I am also a firm believer that massage is for everybody regardless of one’s preference / condition / physical (on the same note, if you are a transgender and may feel embarrass to have a session, please do read this article that I have written).

Meanwhile, coming back to this blog, I have been going for frequent massages since 2016 and have always been looking for new brand / outlet / chain / individual therapist to try. And while doing so, my wife then suggested to me the idea of me compiling my opinion to these visits. That’s how this blog started, as a massage review blog initially.

As time goes by, I started to write about other massage related topics e.g. manhood therapy, seniors and palliative massage, infant massage; the few areas that I do cater for. And dabble into self care, FAQs or just general topics on massage.

Note: There is a slight difference between the way I write prior and after I gain my massage skill / knowledge. Calibre Magazine has republished one of the self care article that I wrote in their January 2022 issue and interview me in another of their article in June 2022 issue.

Do note that there is no massage session that is identical to another. We can’t expect one therapist to mirror another therapist even if they graduate from the same school or learn from the same establishment. A good therapist will adapt their techniques and modify it accordingly to how your body conditions are at the time of treatment. And I don’t believe in “no pain, no gain” principle when receiving a treatment cos I have been to massage that uses soft tissue manipulation (that you don’t feel much of a pressure or strength used) but yet it produced effective result.

Talking about massage or spa etiquette, one thing that really irritates me and possibly many others are usage of handphone. I am in the opinion that if you are really that busy or can’t get your eyes of your phone for that 60 to 120 mins, why bother coming. We don’t need to hear about your car being clamped, your business deal, you telling your secretary her to-do-list or making your next dinner plan with your friends.

Whenever possible, when receiving a massage, I do prefer with just the drape so nothing gets in the way. I also hate the experience of therapist pulling down my underwear halfway through the session (or tearing half of my disposable underwear to get to my upper thighs). And a professional therapist will know how to handle the positioning of the towel or have a good draping technique without you feeling violated. 🙂 But I also do understand that certain chains or outlets do not allow this and I do respect that.

As mentioned earlier, I do offer personal therapeutic / treatment massage at the comfort of your home. Session is focus to provide relief tailored to an individual’s well being or those living with life limiting conditions. Do get in touch with me to chat more.

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