Nuad Thai [Review]

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Length: 3 mins read (615 words)

Outlet: Kajang, Selangor

Service tried: 120 Mins full body massage

Last visit: April 2021


Cleanliness 4 / 5
Customer service 3.5 / 5
Skill 4 / 5
Facility 4 / 5
Ambience 3.5 / 5

After CWKL at Kajang closed down due to the pandemic, I was looking for a similar outlet for a while that render that sort of massage quality. Glad to say that I have managed to find it. This brand used to be known as Gaya Spa but now has rebranded to Nuad Thai. It is clean, proper and presentable. There are a lot of Muslim calligraphy as the lobby wall deco. And the Malay staff do speak fluent Thai as well.  

If you are familiar with Kajang, this outlet is quite strategically located and easy to find. If not, just use Waze and you will be alright. A word of caution, try to time your massage so that it doesn’t finish during work day peak hour cos you may end up stuck in heavy traffic around that area. 

Once you walk in, you surely won’t miss the reception area and right beside it is the foot reflexology area (not so much privacy in that sense). They have quite a number of treatment rooms. The structure reminds me of my old kampung house back in Alor Setar but partitioned by curtain to create different rooms.


In terms of the massage, it is a routine sequence, structure and technique that she used. And there is nothing bad or wrong about that cos she is of a senior therapist quality and definitely know what she is doing. On prone, she started off with my leg / glutes then move to my back. She uses a lot of arm glides and thumb strokes. As I took the 2 hours package, she can spent a lot of time on every part thoroughly, making sure that she works on all my muscle knots. She definitely used good body weight to give her the extra strength whenever she needs to.

When turn to supine, she continued with my leg, hand then did my stomach / chest before the last portion on my neck / shoulder. During the session, she did feel that I do have back ache (which is true) and when she was working on my shoulder, she felt that I may have regular headache (which I don’t). But my shoulder can be a bit stiff and sore at times so she is right to feel that I do have some form of dysfunction there. 

At the final portion while I am seated, she did some stretches on me. Not that she is not good at it but I personally don’t prefer all the twisting and stretching hence I didn’t really enjoy this part. Regardless, it is a good session and I will surely be back.


– They do have a variety of services including foot massage. But go for their full body therapy with oil. You won’t regret it. 
– Comfortable massage table and environment. However, the chit chatting noise outside of the treatment area can be a bit loud at times.
– They put a neck pillow on the headrest area of the table which a bit of a weird choice for me. I feel it extend the neck unnecessary. But, you can always remove that if you are like me, find it uncomfortable.

– Affordable rate with good quality treatment. 

– I would love to have some background music to further relaxes me.
– I do feel her speed can be slowed down slightly. As a recipient, I felt rushed and everything feel like “chop,chop,let’s go, let’s go”…..make me slightly anxious. (I feel tired for her also)


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