Wellness Men to Men Massage [Review]

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Length: 5 mins read (1008 words)

Outlet: Vina Residency, Cheras

Service tried: 60 Mins full body massage

Last visit: October 2021



Cleanliness 4 / 5
Customer service 4.5 / 5
Skill 4.5 / 5
Facility 4 / 5
Ambience 3 / 5

We tried to set an appointment few months back but unfortunately soon after, it was MCO 3.0. So we didn’t get to meet and have the treatment session until now (fast forward 5 months later). Clement uses mainly acupressure and scrapping technique in his massage and he is certainly very skillful and knowledgeable in what he does. For those uninitiated, according to his website, acupressure is body points stimulation to enhance the blood circulation meanwhile, scrapping is guarsa in chinese tradition treatment and it is good to relieve body heat plus shoulder / neck ache.

As his place still does not accept visitor yet due to Covid SOP, he came down to fetch me once I arrived (there is ample parking at the roadside and it is relatively safe). We exchanged our MySejahtera status (yeap, that seems to be a very normal thing to do now) and proceeded to his unit. If you wish, you may also shower before the session in which he does provide that facility. His treatment room is a very simple room with soothing background music playing, suffice for what he is doing.


The entire session is done on a comfy mattress but the downside of it, regardless of how many layer of towels or pillow to support my head and neck, setting like this is not too great for me anymore especially while on prone (I still prefer massage table). I used to be able to take this sort of setting but after the pandemic, I can’t anymore (perhaps age is catching up too, haha).

The session started on prone and the first area he worked on was my occipital. Shortly after, he moved on to my neck and shoulder. It feels great. I felt an immediate relieve on my upper body. Plus, he also has good strength in which he does check occasionally whether I want more strength or for him to go softer. From the shoulder, he continues with the back, sacrum, glutes and subsequently the leg. He has good leverage on how he used his body strength and good technique with his elbow too, to get to those points. With acupressure technique, one has to be accurate on the point and he can do it efficiently even with his elbow (generally, it is hard for a lot of therapists to feel or gauge with elbow)

Throughout the treatment, for every pain points, he also explained to me which part it correspond to and give me some tips on what I should do. For first timer to this type of massage modality, you may find it weird that when he presses on one point but it relates to an entirely different area of your body or organ (like reflexology). All I can say is don’t try to find the logic and mind map your body with the points during the treatment. Just enjoy the massage and respond to his question accordingly. You may do your research later to understand more about it. 🙂


I do particularly enjoy it when he was massaging on the sacrum / glutes point. It is those “nice” type of soreness and certainly provide relieve to my lower back which is always a problematic part for me. All the strokes he used was not broad stroke, it is short and accurate. Even the rhythm was short but repeated a few cycles per point. Except for one technique (which I also find it special) where he put my legs together, by kneeling at the side of my leg and using his forearms, very uniformly he went from my leg all the way up to the shoulder in one big continuous stroke. A small but effective change to his routine.

When I turned over, he started with the hand and then continue again with the leg. It is the same acupressure technique even on the hand (not that I expect it to change anyway). Generally, if you do feel soreness on the points that he worked on, it means that it has blockage and acupressure technique can assist in promote better circulation. The supine section is relatively short, I was asked to sit up not long after. He then worked a bit more on my back before ending the session.

Now coming to the scrapping portion which form around one third of the session, it is done at the interval after he finishes massaging one part of the body. And even with the scrapping, there are tell-tale signs which he can gauge what could be the potential issue with your system. On prone, he scrapped on lower, mid and upper back while on supine, he worked on the upper chest portion. When seated, he concentrates on the neck and shoulder. After scrapping, he recommends not to take shower within 2 hours, if you are able to.

When the massage finished, we had some casual chat and then he sent me back to the car.


– The therapist is fully vaccinated
– As this is treatment massage and he needs to check with you on your sensation during certain points, you may not be able to fully relax without disturbance compared to those relaxation massage.
– You must tell him if you feel too much pain from the acupressure or scraping technique. Do not tense up.
– This is a different massage modality and may not address certain muscles or joint dysfunction directly even though it can help by promoting good circulation overall.

– Very friendly and prompt. Also offer useful tips and health advices to correspond to what problem he finds in your body
– Reasonable price and not many therapist with his skill offer this massage modality. (If you are having doubt, just try it at least once cos you might discover more benefit than you think)

– Can certainly do with more ambiance in the treatment room.


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