Embun Day Spa [Review]

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Outlet: Plaza Mont Kiara

Service tried: Full body massage, body scrub

Last visit: June 2018

“An earthy interior aggregated with soothing rhythms, calmative aroma, warm brew of tea, and the touch of experienced therapists lends to the experience involving all five senses that Embun Day Spa strives to provide to its customers. Apart from massage packages, the Plaza Mont Kiara spa also has a menu of services that include facials, foot reflexology, and eye pillow treatment.” https://www.facebook.com/embundayspamontkiara/


Cleanliness 4 / 5
Customer service 4.5 / 5
Skill 4 / 5
Facility 3 / 5
Ambience 3.5 / 5

I came across this outlet via Fave. The package they offer indeed is very affordable. Initially wanted to go on a Monday but they are close on every Monday hence waited a few more days when I am on holiday.

They are located at Block E of Plaza Mont Kiara (the far end block if you are walking from McD). But what surprises me was I didn’t know that I must register to go up to Level 6 (Also naively, I was assuming that the outlet was on ground level). Finally, after going through the security check like how one would go to a corporate office lot, found the outlet without any further challenges.

The reception area and the entire interior design does look a little bit rustic especially with its cement flooring but it reminds me of those massage outlet in Bali that I went during my honeymoon many many years ago (good memory). By the way, this establishment is already around 15 years old.


Before the session begun, was served ginger tea that was really spicy and nice (unsweeteened). Then proceed to leg floral bath (more of a soak rather than bath) which I feel the water was just way too hot for my liking, almost felt like they were boiling my leg. 😛 After that, I was brought to my room (with good privacy) and there was proper hanger to hang cloths as well as rack to put my belonging.

The therapist came in, introduced herself very professionally and ask for the strength that I like for my massage before she starts.  The session then started with my leg and moved up to my back then hand. I was then asked by the therapist to turn not long after and I was a bit surprised that the back session was a bit short. But only to realize soon, I was asked to lie on my side instead (not face up yet) and the therapist then work from my leg upwards again; first lying on my right side and then followed by my left side. This structure I feel was quite unique and the therapist almost get to work on every inch of my body. After that, I faced up and the therapist repeats from bottom to up til my face and finally in a seating position and she worked on my back and neck again.

The whole session was oil based, a lot of deep tissue massage technique with fingers pressing hard and stroking including my face. But one of my therapist finger skin must have been a little rough cos I can really feel it when she rub down hard. And yes, I find it a bit yucky that my face massage was also using oil. I don’t mind if the therapist use oil on any of my body part but not on my face and head. The eye mask that was provided, I couldn’t make out what it was. It smells like garlic but what I liked about it was it being icy cold hence pretty soothing for the eyes. Generally, it was a great massage session.


Before the body scrub, I really need to go to the toilet quite badly so they provided me with a bathrobe. I thought the toilet was at the back of the outlet hence I walked to the back but only to find out, it was on the outside. Yes, as shock as I was then, I don’t think I can hold it much longer so I just went in my bathrobe; which then it kinda dawn on me again that I am actually in an office building with shared toilet on each level. Yeah, have to walk down the foyer to get to the toilet but luckily it was a quiet day…..would have been somewhat embarrassing should I encounter anyone while on the way.

The next session was body scrub which I upgraded to full body rather than half body. What I found weird was, the therapist also used the same salt to scrub on my face which I thought those salt may be a bit coarse for the skin on the face. But besides that, I have no complain on the scrub treatment, it was great.

I skipped the sauna session though (it was part of the package that I bought) cos I am not a fan of it. After the body scrub, I was being asked to head to another room to take my bath and at the same time, to bring all my belongings along. So there I was, covered in my towel, took all my belongings then walked to the next room. During then, there was nobody else except for another gentleman who just finished his session. I was thinking what will it be like for a lady or when the outlet is full house. Can be another “going to toilet” awkward moment. 🙂


-You can bring your own oil and you are provided a disposable boxer (I feel it is more cumbersome compare to disposable underwear). I did ask my therapist about going naked and she said it is possible if they know the customer long enough.

-The structure in which the signature massage was done is pretty unique. Must try! Plus, they also have other enticing promo running frequently which make the general package affordable.
-The room temperature was just right which I hardly find this being done right at most other outlets. The ongoing ambience music with water running sound effect is definitely a nice touch too
-The therapist (I think they are from Indonesia) are very friendly and experienced

-Oily face massage
-Toilet that is very far and most rooms are not equipped with shower facility despite being a spa.


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