Healing Wave Massage Therapy [Review]

Length: 3 mins read (675 words)

Outlet: Leboh Pandamar, Klang

Service tried: 120 mins full body massage

Last visit: May 2022

I am a massage therapist and I listen with my hands. What’s your super power?


Cleanliness 4 / 5
Customer service 4.5 / 5
Skill 3.5 / 5 (This review is based on the therapist when he was still in the midst of finishing his massage certification with Wellness Massage School in May 2022)
Facility 3.5 / 5
Ambience 3.5 / 5

– Acely, a friendly guy behind Healing Wave, incall location is at a semi industrial / residential area. His house is huge with many rooms. He has a proper room to cater for his therapy.; very spacious indeed.

– As I go in the day time, it is brightly lit (natural light from the outside). Unsure whether he has it but some warm lighting placed strategically to enhance the mood in the room will be nice.

– Has a nice touch with a small table to put your belonging, water for client as well as a small blackboard for his branding. Couldn’t spot a hanging rack so I just put my clothes on the table and a cushion beside the table.

– Music selection and volume is just nice to ease you into the session.

As mentioned, this review is based on the therapist still going through his massage certification.

Prone: He started by wiping my feet with a wet cloth, a good touch to make a client feel comfortable after lying down. Then, over a drape, he warm up my body with palm compression and some simple ASMR technique.

His prone sequence (with oil) went from leg, back, hand and then the gluts. But he does have one repeated general single forearm sweep from shoulder to my foot that is done every now and then, as a closure when he finished one part of the body. This particular stroke can be considered as one of his highlight moves.

Supine: He continues with the leg, then chest and neck.

Seated: He would normally end his routine in this position but for our session, we skipped it cos I was having conversation and sharing my experience with him.


– Started with palm compression, he uses a lot of forearm glide, upwards thumb stroke added with some ASMR technique. I do feel there is a few techniques that he could develop it to be part of his signature moves. Plus, I like the ASMR technique that he did and would love to see that incorporated more into his routine.

– With forearm glide, it can be hard for a therapist to gauge the strength. At certain body parts like the IT band and adductor, I feel his gauge of strength is lacking.

– In fact, I do feel at the moment, his hands are still going through the training and can be further honed in its touch and skill.

– Currently, for a 2 hours session, there could be a bit more repetition in his techniques. I would prefer more variation being added on.


Additional note
– Therapist does cater to outcall service with a surcharge of RM40. He cater his services to all gender.
– He has good phasing in the massage rhythm but body ergonomic can be looked into so that his hand don’t trembles too much when exert additional strength.
– Therapist is currently finding his footing in his routine and technique and holds great prospect in that regards. He is also planning for other related add-on services in time to come.

– Affordable and reasonable rates.
– Has a lot of potential in becoming a great therapist. Even now, despite all my comments, I went through an enjoyable session. His routine and style can definitely relax you (and this is what the therapist is aiming for; not treatment based massage)

– A bit out of the city centre. This would be the furthest I had travel for a massage. To go back to my house, Waze showed me a way that is 77km.
– The skill that can be further refined to another level.


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