FAQ: Have I?

By Ian Chow, Certified Massage Therapist / Infant Massage Instructor / Oncology Massage Trainer

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This is my next FAQs but written from the perspective of a massage therapist. If you are interested in the other FAQs that mainly from the perspective of the massage receiver, do click here.

Have I encountered client who use massage to treat their conditions?

Yes, plenty. In fact, half of my clientele are individuals who are suffering or going through some conditions e.g. Parkinson’s, stroke, fibromyalgia etc. Massage may not cure these conditions, but it certainly helps to manage the symptom, restore mobility and provide other benefits to the receiver.

For muscle related dysfunction or injury like lower back pain, shoulder / neck ache, trigger finger, tennis elbow etc, massage can definitely helps directly in improving the conditions. For more severe conditions, you may have to coupled with other therapy i.e. osteopathy, physiotherapy, chiropractic etc.

Have I encounter client who has body odour?

Yes, a couple of times. Of course, one would wish that the receiver will take a shower before they come for any massage session for general hygiene reason but that is not always the case. Having said that, being a massage therapist, most of us are used to it and for those who do have natural body odour due to certain conditions, do highlight to your therapist so we can diffuse essential oils (to avoid any potential embarrassing moment).


Have I encounter client who make untoward request?

Plenty of times. As I do manhood therapy, people do misconstrued it as an improper massage since there are those who disguises it in that way. But no, I don’t offer any form of “happy ending” to a massage session and manhood therapy is not a “handjob” as well. Initially, I was a bit disturbed with all these requests but over time, guess I have learnt the trade and trick to handle these sort of enquiries. Saying “no” is a skill. LOL

Have I encounter client who are first timer to massage?

Not many but I have encountered a handful who have never been to a massage even though they are already in their 30s. I didn’t ask why but just glad that I am the one whom they choose as their first therapist On the other hand, it can be an overwhelming experience and to some, it can be a vulnerable one too as you will be naked to a certain extend in front of a stranger, whom you are meeting for the first time.


Have I encounter client who wants to be fully clothed during the massage?

Yes, this is very common especially with my senior citizens client. For me, I can certainly adapt my technique to fit a fully clothed client. But I also do need them to understand that there will be certain techniques that will not be possible to be done with cloths on. But my only request is for them to take off all their accessories e.g. necklace, bracelet, watch, ring etc.

Have I encounter client who go for frequent massage (like once a week)?

Yes, many people are now using massage as part of their self care, to look after their well-being (physical and emotion). Depending on the type of work you do, there is certainly no fixed frequency that you can go for a massage session within a month. Massage is not just a birthday occasion, anniversary gift, pay day reward, it can be a way of life. In fact, for athletes, body builder, MMA fighter, most times, they do have their own massage therapist (specializing in sport injury).

Bonus: What is the youngest age and oldest that I done my massage session on?

19 years old being my youngest receiver and 92 years old being the oldest. However, I am also an infant massage instructor where I do teach the parent on the technique to massage their baby (I do not massage directly on the baby). So if you take that into account, then my youngest would be new born (0 months old).

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