Deren: FOHOW Meridian Therapy [Review]

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Length: 6 mins read (1178 words)

Outlet: Outcall

Service tried: 60 FOHOW Meridian Therapy

Last visit: February 2021

Cleanliness 4.0 / 5
Customer service 3 / 5
Skill 4.5 / 5
Facility N/A
Ambience N/A


This is definitely a new form of therapy that I have not experience before in my entire journey of trying out different massages. In fact, I have not even heard of it until Joe (another fellow therapist) recommended it. I did an outcall session with Darren, the therapist whom have been doing this for the past 2 years.

To be frank, I was very anxious and skeptical at the beginning. On an extreme side, I was afraid to be electrocuted as well and dying on my massage table. Lol. If it wasn’t because of Joe’s word, I don’t think I would be trying this therapy. Darren’s lack of communication (due to language barrier) and lack of reference material on said treatment doesn’t contribution to the situation at all especially for first timer like me.

And before the session, neither did he explain on the proceeding except asking me to lie prone (I did ask the day before the treatment too but to no avail). I then saw him bringing out his tool box (an electrical device), a small pail of water as well as gloves that are attached to the device. As my heart was beating faster and faster, I then stripped and lie down on my massage table (the entire session was conducted in prone position and it doesn’t require you to turn over). He did check with me whether I have any part that I would like to concentrate on for today’s session.


The treatment started by him applying some form of lotion on my back very gently but thoroughly. Then, he put on his glove, gently touch my back to test the voltage and asked me whether am I able to withstand that. Right after, his procedure started by him sliding down slowly on my spine area, starting from the cervical to thoracic, lumbar and then slide out following the iliac crest and he paused and held on for a moment. At this stage, the sensation felt as though there was a heavy force that pressed down on my sacrum and it was very sore. I did ask Darren and he said that I do have restriction on that area which is possible due to my constant lower back pain.

Before I go on, you must be wondering what is the general sensation to have this constant jolt of electricity passing through your body, cause this was one of the question that pops up in my head as well. And the second was how painful can it get.

So, the first question. It feels as though there was an internal wave that went through your body and you can feel this wave passing through your organs and each and every muscles in that region where the therapist is working on (not only on skin level but you can actually feel this force moving through you). And if the hand stop at a specific spot, you do feel strong vibration on that particular area, not only on the surface but it travels to you internally as though the waves are flowing from downwards from where the hand is (anatomic position, posterior to anterior). Dependent on how far apart both hand are placed, you also do feel a compression on certain areas that the therapist would like to work on.


As to how painful it is, actually, it wasn’t painful in general. Yes, there is certain amount of numbness but you can still actually move (I tried wiggling my finger when he was working on my hand and I still do have somewhat full control of my muscles). Yes, I do feel soreness in spots that I have dysfunction like my lower back and shoulder but it wasn’t a sharp or constant pain. It felt very similar to a physical massage when the therapist hit the trigger point(s). In fact, in areas that I don’t have dysfunction like my leg, it was quite relaxing and I did remember dozing off to sleep for a very little while.

Coming back to the treatment, after the spine, then he moved on to the lateral side of my back. And during this sequence, he noticed that I jerked when he reached the two areas where my liver and stomach is, which he then said I do have some form of dysfunction with my liver and digestion system. Well, he is not wrong at all because I am on chinese medication for my fatty liver and bloated stomach.

After that, it continued with him further working on my sacrum by him placing one hand on it and the other on my cervical. And he increased the voltage bit by bit to increase the treatment intensity. In this section, what I felt was the vibration got stronger and stronger as the voltage increases and also warmer as it went on.

Then, he continued with both my leg which it felt very relaxing since my legs are usually the least of a problem. And then he moved to my hand / shoulder which I do feel some form of dull pain on my deltoid. And possibly my least favourite in the entire session was when he worked on my finger. I just didn’t like that sensation of electricity passing through my fingers.


And the last segment after the main treatment was him applying a herbal lotion on my back which has similar sensation to those muscle heat rub. I still do feel the heat after 2 hours it was applied.

After going through the process, I guess this has similar method and benefit with the medical electrical-stimulation physical therapy. It basically sends mild electrical pulses through the skin to help stimulate injured muscles or manipulate nerves to reduce pain and promote recovery. Just that those usually use an electrical rod or sticky pad but Darren uses gloves that conduct current so he can easily manipulate his treatment area in which he based it on meridian points.


– You may need to have an open mind to this alternative type of treatment. But if you have heard or been through the medical electrical-stimulation therapy for muscle or nerve, then this will be no stranger to you.
– The fact that I am still alive to write this review meaning that the procedure is safely conducted.
– You are recommended to let the herbal lotion to stay on for at least 30 mins and you can’t shower within 2 hours and no ice drink then.

– Innovative and therapist do have TCM knowledge as well.
– Affordable and I do reckon that this sort of therapy is also very suitable for stroke recovery patient or patient with muscle conditions.

– Therapist primarily converse in Mandarin. May have some communication barrier especially if you are an English speaker.
– No readily available reading material on the treatment rendered to introduce and eases any concern that the receiver may have.


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