Exercises and Stretches

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In a lot of the conditions (especially when it is postural or muscle related issues), after a session of treatment massage, I would recommend to the client some simple exercises and stretches that one can do to enhance the healing process, before the next follow up session with me. However, in general, these exercises can also be done as general maintenance or if you want to train up certain muscles.

I don’t claim credit to these exercises. This is one of the link that I find extremely useful and I would like to put it here for easier reference. https://musclewiki.com/

This site not only showcases what you can do if you just want stretches or bodyweight but also how to use barbell, dumbbells and kettlebells with the level of difficulty labeled. It is also available in various languages and it has 3 health related calculators i.e. calorie calculator that may give you more insight about yourself vs weight.

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