Zouk Spa [Review]

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Length: 2.5 mins read (550 words)

Outlet: Bandar Puteri Puchong

Service tried: Full body massage, cupping, guasa

Last visit: June 2018

“Zouk Spa Sdn Bhd establish since 2001, from a small company and today we have more than 100 qualified therapist working in our establishment.”   https://www.facebook.com/Zoukspa/

Cleanliness 3 / 5
Customer service 3.5 / 5
Skill 3 / 5
Facility 3 / 5
Ambience 2.5 / 5


The environment for this outlet has similarity with KL Valley but unlike KL Valley, this does give me an eerie feeling. Maybe due to the choice of colour they use for their flooring, furniture and wall that makes it look dark and gloomy. And the whole outlet smells of overused oil, not that pleasant.

Their happy hour is til 4pm (one hour more than most chains) with a slightly more expensive price. They have two different floors, to separate between the men and women. Most beds are in room basis but for some weird reason, they do not close the door while the massage session is ongoing hence people walking by outside can look in clearly. Didn’t feel that there is privacy despite having a room to myself.


Massage wise, it is mainly acupressure but I dislike the fact that they massaged my back with the towel on over a long period of time. It is uncomfortable and can be painful due to the friction between the skin with the towel rough surface. What I do like is the therapist here have the skill of ashiatsu (deep tissue massage by using their feet) which I rarely find that in our other local chains.

They do offer cupping and guasa but only one of the service is free during happy hour. If you want both in which the therapist was trying to convince me to, I will need to add on. During normal hour, both services will cost additional. I remember that during my first visit about two years ago, they did ask me to pay additional if I wanted some kind of special oil. I did say yes to try out the oil but I honestly didn’t feel it is that special. They may have abolished this system now cos they didn’t ask me this time round.


Coming back to the cupping, they generally do have good skill in doing the procedure. But after they took out the cup, they did not massage the cupping point on my body to get rid of the “wind” like what KL Valley does. Maybe it is not actually needed. I am unsure.

If you don’t mind about the environment and just want a decent massage, they are actually not bad with their skill (just not to my liking). Having said that, with the massage and spa industry blooming with more and more affordable and better service outlets being opened, I guess they have to step up their game to stay relevant in the industry.


-You can’t be naked and the therapist did take the trouble to explain to me the reason in great length. Whether I agree or not, that is another story. Haha


-The ambience is left much to be desired
-Persistent up selling is always irritating. Wish they would stop it once we said “no” the first time
-Don’t feel much privacy during the session


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