Blind Traditional Foot & Body Reflexology [Review]

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Length: 5.5 mins read (957 words)

Outlet: Pusat Bandar Puchong, Selangor

Service tried: 60 Mins full body massage

Last visit: March 2021


Cleanliness 3.5 / 5
Customer service 3 / 5
Skill 1.5 / 5
Facility 3 / 5
Ambience 2 / 5

Almost all the times, I never want a massage to end especially while they are working on my back. But for today, I have never been so happy for a massage to end. It wasn’t a pleasant experience for me. There was really nothing that I can shout about today’s session. The centre has been around for the past 17 years hence they are not a new kid on the block.

Despite peak hours, parking is relatively easy to get at this area. But there may be a bit of traffic to get to here though. Once I reached the lot, I tried ringing the doorbell but I think it is spoilt hence I knocked on the a couple of times before someone answered. (By the way, the signage for the shop is Puchong Reflexology Centre, different from what is on Google business).

A gentlemen unlocked the door and then we communicated on the service that I would like to have. He proceeded to go into the treatment room to prepare the massage table as well as turning on the aircond. I am possibly the first client for today.


For the entire session, I do feel as though I am being marinated with oil and balm with constant hard rubbing. In fact, the sensation was as though the therapist was scratching me with his thumb and knuckle with all the force he has rather than massaging me. Certain part of his hand was also rough and it doesn’t feel comfortable at all when it was contacting my skin. I do not think the therapist is able to feel my body, muscle or what he was working on much; almost as though it is a programmed set routine that he is just performing on each segment. If it was relaxing, then it is alright for me which I don’t mind at all. But it is neither relaxing nor treating any specific part.

On prone (face down), he started the session on the leg before moving to the back and shoulder. On all the body parts, it is always with oil with rubbing, then he will drape over and continue his technique over the towel. After that, he will once again apply the oil plus with the balm for this time round. And for the second time when the oil is applied, he will once again rub it hard. As a receiver, the flow does feel haphazard.

He also mixed his technique with a bit of trigger point (using his elbow), skin rolling and pinching. I did like what he did with the skin rolling and pinching technique but it was just not enough to save the entire massage experience. And one killer move for me was when he used his elbow, pressing down on my inguinal and adductors area. Ouucchhh. On the adductors I can still accept the logic but on the inguinal area is really a bit too much for me or anyone for that matter of fact.


When he did the middle and upper back, with the positioning of his palm and thumb, a lot of the force was placed on his thumb that is pressing hard on my rib cage. It was pretty excruciating. Soon, while on supine (face up), the steps were repeated on the leg (anterior and medial). By now, I do wish the session would end sooner.

Good amount of time was also spent on the stomach and chest area (after the leg was done). It was uncomfortable with the hard rubbing despite asking him to soften down. My body started to tense up. The massage flow of these two areas was also all over the place. And he uses too much force to press on the points on my stomach.

Throughout the entire segment on the stomach and chest, he was burping. Sorry mate, this is not my “wind” being transferred to you. I think it is more of your incorrect breathing technique vs the stroke vs the rhythm / speed. And on the chest area, he was possibly only a foot and a half away from me. Thank goodness both of us were wearing mask as I really wouldn’t want to smell what he ate for breakfast.


I couldn’t be happier when he asked me to sit up cos I know the session is ending soon. He worked on my shoulder and to my surprise, he also worked on my hand. Another terrible experience for me because I do not understand why he need to go deep into the biceps to the extend it is contacting my ulnar nerve that is numbing, discomfort and painful.

I know this centre has been around for many many years but perhaps it is also time to upgrade the therapist skill.

– The oil used was quite pleasant smelling but you can also use your own oil.
– I did regret going naked for this time round cos when he applied the balm (with camphor) on my thigh, his hand accidentally brushed through my private part and I get the burning cold sensation on my private area after that. Sigh. Not a pleasant sensation at all.
– Throughout the session, the background music was upbeat Tamil songs (no offense for that type of music but a question of why that genre of music was chosen for a massage outlet).

– Can’t speak for others but this session is just not meant for me. I can’t say anything good about it.

– The entire session from start to finish.


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